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Fresh Lonely Air in England – Part 2

I landed at Manchester Airport expecting tight security but saw nothing, it was possibly all centered in central Manchester where the explosion had happened 24 hours earlier.  Thoughts of Helen had been overtaken by circumstances but Daughter 3 was dutifully awaiting as I walked out of the terminal to a very busy early evening rush hour.  Food and a glass… (more…)

My Day In Dublin At The Risen People

Well what a day I had in Dublin yesterday.  Every time I go down, although round here they say up, to Dublin, even though Dublin is south east of here, you never here of people in Manchester say go up to London but I suppose up to Dublin might have imperialist connotations.  Any way every time I go down to… (more…)

Wilful Blindness

Margaret Heffernan is a strong woman, with her fingers in a lot of pies, gifted, with an unbelievable ease in public speaking and a god given gift for getting her message across, a true teacher.  Her latest book Wilful Blindness published in 2011 explains in great detail why 85% of people who witness a wrong doing do not or are… (more…)

Savile Is Dead. Who Takes The Reins?

These last few weeks I have been wondering about Savile and his works and pomps and trying to make sense of how an uneducated lad from Leeds can get into the minds of powerful folk.  It is a massive criminal gift but I think it can easily be done if you look for the tell-tale signs given out by these… (more…)