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Comings And Goings At St Bede’s College In Manchester

Well it certainly looks as though some of the i’s have been dotted and some of the t’s crossed at St Bede’s College in Manchester, where skullduggery has been the order of the day for the last five months at this once famous school.  Ever since the Independent Schools Inspectorate descended at the end of last year and stated that… (more…)

Danny Kearney’s Attempt To Right A Wrong

The article below was brought to my attention by St Bede’s veteran, Michael Lawlor, now a resident of the state of Ontario in Canada, but part of the 1947 intake at Bede’s making him one of my oldest correspondents.  The article appeared in this week’s Tablet newspaper and shows Kearney to be the bumbling obfuscating academic that we all know… (more…)