The Mission At St Joseph’s Church In Boyle, Co Roscommon.

Two days ago, I had my first face to face encounter with the other side of the Catholic Church, what you could call the spiritual, good side of the Church, as opposed to the clerical fudgers and  paedophiles, liars, dissemblers, disinformation specialists, obfuscators, deviants and general no good arse holes that […]

St Bede’s – We Are Breaking Up, We Do Not Want To Get Our Feet Wet.

Unfortunately today’s text is a long one, but persevere and I hope its strands make sense in the end. After yesterday’s posting I received a very powerful e-mail from a lady, Katy Attwood, an ex-Bedian who graduated from Oxford University and has since carved out a successful career in the […]

The Power Of The Blog.

The Church in Ireland as had to withstand a few trials by media in the last 20 years.  At the time of Smythe’s exposure in the early 90s, further disclosures in the late 90s, followed by the infamous Ferns Report in 2005 and now the Murphy Report and its aftermath.  […]