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Historic Abuse Is Now At Bede’s

Yesterday after welcoming the new head of St Bede’s and offering him my best wishes in a posting entitled Salve Richard Robson, a prospective parent wrote a comment asking why I am so vindictive about the school when he on inspection found it so warm and wonderful.  He asked me for my thoughts and so I sat down early this… (more…)

The Dark Box And Our Unspoken Words

I have just finished reading The Dark Box:A Secret History Of Confession by John Cornwell, an excellent writer with a long history of books regarding the Catholic Church, who is only just hanging on by a thread to his Catholicism, mainly because of massive encouragement from his wife. The book is a marvellously researched history of the sacrament of confession… (more…)

The Mission At St Joseph’s Church In Boyle, Co Roscommon.

Two days ago, I had my first face to face encounter with the other side of the Catholic Church, what you could call the spiritual, good side of the Church, as opposed to the clerical fudgers and  paedophiles, liars, dissemblers, disinformation specialists, obfuscators, deviants and general no good arse holes that the Catholic Church throw up anytime there are questions asked… (more…)

My Awakening.

For 63 years I was a dumb fucker, I believed in everything I had been taught, in everything I had read in the newspapers and everything I had listened to on television and everything and anything a priest told me, he of the ultimate authority. Then in November 2009 came the Murphy Report  confirming the transgressions of generations of priests… (more…)