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2016 -The Year Of Commemoration and Justice

As I get older my existence becomes more hermitic. Although I am in touch with the world, I see nobody but my wife, the lovely Helen, the bane of my life for 43 years. Only when I go for provisions do I realise there are other people living in the neighbourhood. However the internet does tell me that there is… (more…)

Justice? Big Money and Big Pharma.

Well hello good reader and I apologise, it is three weeks since my last confession, three weeks in which a lot has happened to me and during which time I have learnt a lot.  Three weeks ago I caught a plane to Manchester.  My main reason for going was to find out as much as I could about a recently… (more…)

The Good Guys Always Win.

For the past four years whilst I have been writing this blog, I have been banging on about two main subjects, two subjects that show the depths the British Isles have sunk to over these last few years.  The depths of injustice that this seemingly peaceful, democratic country has sunk to.  Well I think the tide is turning, I think… (more…)

Fr Barry O’Sullivan, Therapist Duped By A Duper.

I think I will set myself up as a personnel consultant specialising in the priests of the Salford Diocese.  I more than anyone know the abilities and more the inabilities of this august body of venerable old men, having researched their every foible for the last three years.  Take for example the police force, if they wanted to know the… (more…)