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A Martyr For The Taking

It is 10.50am on Wednesday 26th March 2014, by now Timothy Rustige, a 65 year old pensioner from Altrincham with heart problems is about to board a plane for Aberdeen.  Ordered there by Sheriff Pile who had found him guilty after a court case a month ago.  Guilty of supposedly cyber stalking that gross excuse for femininity, Elish Angiolini, one time… (more…)

The Trial Of Timothy Rustige – Part 2

Timothy Rustige Trial Part 2 Tuesday and Wednesday, 25th and 26th February.  We have to sit here now for two days and enjoy Aberdeen  whilst a previous case conveniently reaches denouement, a dour grey town with lots of activity surrounding the docks.  You tend to become bored with granite when it surrounds you but if you look up you can get… (more…)

The Trial of Timothy Rustige – Part 1

Timothy Rustige Trial Part 1 We were up early, 4am, for our journey down to Dublin.  It was perfect weather, 2C in the West, 4C in Dublin.  Terminal 2 was very quiet, only a few last minute stragglers for the rugby match at Twickenham that afternoon.  Our plane to Aberdeen had real propellers, a brand new AVT something or other. … (more…)

North Of The Border Spitefulness.

The neo-nazified state of Scotland, the country who wants its independence from the suckling love of the Union of Great Britain, as it seems sunk to a new low.  I personally cannot wait until the day comes when we can cast off the dead weight of this Pictish moorland desert as long as we can station the British Army on… (more…)