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The Sun Always Shines…

It is 11 days since my last posting, 11 days of mind searching, trying to think of another subject for posting on my blog.  It becomes demoralising sitting here at my desk at 4.30am trying to summon up a subject and find there is nothing.  I had overdosed on Bede’s and its mismanagement and wanted to give Messrs Quinlan and… (more…)

Oxford and Cherwell Valley College, Common Purpose, St Bede’s College and MCFC

One of the things that have come out of the recent child abuse ring in Oxford and the allegations about abuse at Oxford and Cherwell Valley College which is gaining greater legs by the day is the preponderance of Common Purpose, the supposed”educational charity” that gathers some of the more gifted people together, brainwashes them and sends them out as… (more…)

Marciel Maciel and Thomas Duggan.

I have just been watching the film by Jason Berry of Marciel Maciel, a Mexican Catholic priest, who formed the religious orders of Legion Of Christ for men and Regnum Christie for women.  Both orders have massive support in the Americas and since the 1940s Maciel had been fund raising and building seminaries there for fledgling priests.   Numbering among his… (more…)

My First Proper Job

In the summer of 1963 after my short interview with Monsignor Duggan, Rector of St. Bede’s College and supreme factotum of life as we knew it, when he consigned me to the scrapheap of infidels, I was working for Jim Connor converting two large Victorian houses on Laindon Road in Manchester into a home for wayward girls as they so… (more…)