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Fresh Lonely Air In England – Part 1

It is now 148 days since Helen died.  I am off to England for a day or two to celebrate the 90th birthday of a very active lady.  The question I have asked myself time and again is why.  67 is young these days, Helen had always been fit and healthy, never saw the doctor, she used to run five… (more…)

Endocrinology Working

This is an old herring but I thought I would throw it in the ring as it might help somebody.  After my blogging about my weight and my diet and my diabetes etc which I covered in a series of postings in December 2013 regarding weight loss and diet and my posting Justice, Big Money and Big Pharma on the… (more…)

One Small Step For Man, One Great Leap For Mankind.

A few months ago I lost 13kgs in weight very quickly, all in the short time of about six weeks on a diet that is so easy to manage and even better maintain.  I went from 120kgs to 107kgs but am now at 108kgs and that is because I went full blast on enjoyment for three days, about a week… (more…)