Time Flies

Doesn’t time fly?  It only seems a couple of weeks ago when I was 40 and running around Manchester, at the height of my powers, worried about nothing and scared of no-one.  Happily married with at that time four children and starting to realize that there was still a long […]

The Reality of Retirement.

The approach to retirement often fills people’s minds with terror, as they think what will they do with all their time.  For most having worked eight or nine hours a day for 45-50 years, they wonder how all this time is going to be filled and they panic themselves into […]

My Grandad Part 2

Jim Crehan spent 35 years of his adult working life shovelling coal into the gas retorts, firing the coal and clearing out the resulting coke from those long steel tubes.  Back-breaking work, which by its nature, engendered habits which followed him home and into retirement.  Those of course who had […]