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Abuse: Its Forms and Failures

Before I start this probably long posting I would like to apologise to Mr Richard Scorer and his abuse team at Panone/Slater and Gordon in Manchester. I have probably done them a disfavour with my past blog postings but I now realise they were working in a section of English law that has no mercy for the historical sexually abused… (more…)

The Case Against The Salford Diocese, Monsignor Thomas Duggan and St Bede’s College in Manchester

Well events are coming along nicely in the case of alleged abuse of pupils by Monsignor Duggan, Rector of St Bede’s College from 1950 -1966, 16 years when unbridled sexual abuse of young boys was an everyday occurrence in the life of the College.  Carefully picked and even more carefully groomed young boys were dreadfully handled by Duggan and some… (more…)

Beware Of The Men/Women In Suits Especially Lawyers And The RBS

Today after reading this piece you might think I’m full of bile and angst against the suited professions but I’m not, I’m just telling you like it is, so that every body can make up their own minds.  Its rather long but stay with it. Whilst I was in business, if that is what it was called, I always thought… (more…)