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The Wedding of Louise and Boz and Other Events

Well I have just arrived back in Ireland after a hectic week full of celebratory meals and too much alcohol, as we enjoyed the high spot, the wedding of my third daughter, Louise. The trip commenced with a visit to see my old chum, Howard Skelton at Southport Cricket Club.  Avid readers will remember Howard from the starring role he… (more…)

Mark Attwood’s Advice “Beware The Begrudgers.”

It was about three months ago when I decided to go one step higher on the writing ladder.  For years I had always fancied myself as a writer, but one of poor quality.  I wanted to improve this quality and the only way I knew besides reading quality 24/7 was writing in a disciplined manner on a regular and determined… (more…)

The Maiden Voyage

This to me is a totally new and exciting medium to record my diurnal or bidiurnal thoughts. A diary without boundary, a chronicle without necessarily the need for chronology. I am looking forward to it so much, for its width and its power. After two days of practice I have now to seriously put pen to paper or should I… (more…)