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Egos Obliterated At St Bede’s College In Manchester

Well there it is in black and white the latest drip from the stalactite of chaos that is St Bede’s College in Manchester. With the expected but yet still surprising departure of Monsignor Michael Quinlan, erstwhile chair of governors of St Bede’s College, minds will begin to ponder and try to work out what has gone on behind closed doors… (more…)

Danny Kearney’s Attempt To Right A Wrong

The article below was brought to my attention by St Bede’s veteran, Michael Lawlor, now a resident of the state of Ontario in Canada, but part of the 1947 intake at Bede’s making him one of my oldest correspondents.  The article appeared in this week’s Tablet newspaper and shows Kearney to be the bumbling obfuscating academic that we all know… (more…)

Even More On St Bede’s College In Manchester

Now we here at the Paul Malpas Blog have been very patient, almost kind to our old alma mater, St Bede’s College in Manchester.  We have said nothing detrimental about the poor school in nearly three months, letting time take its toll.  We have allowed Danny Kearney and his senior management team to continue digging the hole they have been… (more…)

Timothy Hopkins And All That.

I was alerted to Father Timothy Hopkins having all charges dropped by the Criminal Prosecution Service regarding his alleged sexual assault on a young girl at a previous parish.  At the time of the police investigation he was parish priest at St Mary’s in Denton and also on the Board of Governors of St Bede’s College in Manchester.  Well that… (more…)