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Rusty Starts To Beat Barlinnie

For all new readers Timothy Rustige is a prisoner of conscience banged up in the hell hole called Barlinnie for trying to tell the world that Cunt Angiolini, ex Lord Advocate of Scotland is what it says on the can.  Timothy is halfway through is actual incarceration and is bearing up magnificently Well the campaign to get Rusty free from the… (more…)

St Bede’s College In Manchester

Unfortunately I have been off the boil these last few days having been struck down with post African lurgi which is a vicious form of an amalgamation of pig, donkey, camel, butterfly and cat and dog flu.  Before Christmas when the doctor called me in and tried to talk me into having the flu jab because I am at an… (more…)

Tim Rustige And His Bid For Freedom From The Scottish Gestapo.

Continuing my theme on Tim Rustige and his blog Rusty’s Skewed News Views and my previous postings of Tim Rustige – Prisoner of Conscience or Martyr Against Paedophilia posted on 26th March 2013 and The Rustige Family and the Disgraceful Grampian Policeon 12th April 2013, a letter written by Tim to his constituency MP, Graham Brady, member for Altrincham and Sale,… (more…)

Venerable Vinnie Always Gets It Wrong.

Over the weekend a very great friend of mine e-mailed me from France to say how offended he was that our great and beloved scouser and leader of all things Catholic in England and Wales, Vincent Gerard Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster, had taken it on himself without consultation with his scattered and ever decreasing flock, to canvas the great Benny… (more…)