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Ebola is in the Diocese Of Salford

Well with Bishop Terence Brainless back-scuttling it out of the Salford Diocesan door, we have another criminal being inserted into his troubled seat.  Bishop John Arnold, Auxillary Bishop of the dark and dirty Diocese of Westminster has been elevated by the pope and just in time for Nichols of Westminster to thank his lucky stars that he is going.  Why? … (more…)

Comings And Goings At St Bede’s College In Manchester

Well it certainly looks as though some of the i’s have been dotted and some of the t’s crossed at St Bede’s College in Manchester, where skullduggery has been the order of the day for the last five months at this once famous school.  Ever since the Independent Schools Inspectorate descended at the end of last year and stated that… (more…)

The Good Guys Always Win.

For the past four years whilst I have been writing this blog, I have been banging on about two main subjects, two subjects that show the depths the British Isles have sunk to over these last few years.  The depths of injustice that this seemingly peaceful, democratic country has sunk to.  Well I think the tide is turning, I think… (more…)

Laicisation Or Licensed Freedom, That Is The Question For The Salford Diocese.

 I refer the reader back to my posting of May 21st this year entitled Does Charity Begin At Home where I discussed the merits of the Catholic charity, Caritas, and its total naivety in allowing the recently released clerical paedophile, William Green, to live so close to his old happy hunting ground of St Bede’s College on Alexandra Road in… (more…)