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A Scrote’s Progress.

Circus time is coming to Scotland this autumn which should keep us all highly amused and sniggering up to Christmas, if it were not so damn serious for two individuals whose only sin is to stand up and be counted.  Two men who have been brought to court to witness Scotland’s translation of the word Justice, by the only woman… (more…)

If You Know Angiolini Personally You Must Be Bent.

I see the first rat is now finally out of the bag,  It seems what Robert Green, Timothy Rustige and to a lesser extent myself have been saying this past while is now bearing fruit.  Stuart MacFarlane is the first rotten apple to fall off the tree, the former Deputy Procurator Fiscal of Scotland during Elish Angiolini’s tenure, let Douglas… (more…)

Mr Tim Rustige V Elish Angiolini

After my recent postings on this remarkable court case the website – International Prisoners Of Conscience: Our Name Is Legion, For We Are Many  posted the following letter through my door which is all self explanatory. Prisoners of Conscience International: Our name is Legion – for We are Many   Ref the charges filed against Tim ‘Rusty’ Rustige Snr by… (more…)

Angiolini But No Angel.

I have been hacked once again, this is the third time.  Some idiot(s) has (have) tried to do this but this time it does not have the sweet smell of incense about it, this time it has all the hallmarks of a Jock.  That faint leathery, sweaty, ammoniacal odour that comes from the crotch of a Jockess on heat. My… (more…)