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Rusty Starts To Beat Barlinnie

For all new readers Timothy Rustige is a prisoner of conscience banged up in the hell hole called Barlinnie for trying to tell the world that Cunt Angiolini, ex Lord Advocate of Scotland is what it says on the can.  Timothy is halfway through is actual incarceration and is bearing up magnificently Well the campaign to get Rusty free from the… (more…)

A Letter From Timothy Rustige.

Just received my first letter from Timothy dated 28th March 2014 but not received until today 4th April 2014. Dear Paul and Helen, So hopefully Lee has either phoned or e-mailed you with the news of the sentencing hearing.  A pre-determined sentence of nine months – out around 13th July 2014 – for exposing Angelo Dundee Cake’s insidious and corrupt… (more…)

The People’s Voice

As I have mentioned in previous postings there is a new television programme out called The People’s Voice (TPV), it can only be accessed from the internet here: http://www.thepeoplesvoice.tv.  It runs 24/7 with some fantastic programmes on it featuring subjects that could never be aired in the main stream media (MSM). It is the brainchild of David Icke and his… (more…)