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Helen Patricia Teresa Malpas nee Towey

She died at 5.30pm on Christmas Day 2016 in an isolated single room in the Women’s Medical Ward of Sligo Hospital.  43 years and 252 days after our “I wills” were said on St Patrick’s Day 1973.  43 years and252 days of hard work, six kids, much happiness, some sadness, a few cross words but a massive amount of love.… (more…)

The Road To Morocco – My Diary, Part 7

Having left the party early, 30 minutes after sunset, I was up before sunrise and in the watery paleness before dawn I am writing this while the bull frogs sleep and the peacocks are bristling their feathers.  The dogs are alert waiting for their next adventure and the cats are stretching their limbs hoping for another boring day of being… (more…)

The Road To Morocco – My Diary, Part 3

During my third night in Marakech the dogs had been disturbed more than likely by animals but maybe they are just a tad paranoid and after little sleep I arose at 6.30am to blazing sunshine.  It is going to be a scorcher.  The kids must have been given tranquilisers, they are so quiet and unbelievably well behaved.  They sit mesmerised… (more…)

The Road To Morocco – My Diary, Part 2.

Well here I am enjoying my first day in Marakech, learning new things by the minute.  A lunch is put out on the table: a delicious lentil soup followed by a Chicken tagine, spicy rice and a salad of beetroot, carrot and lettuce all pulled from the garden minutes prior to eating and all prepared professionally by Hafida.  It lent… (more…)