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My Moroccan Diary – Day 13 to Day 15

My Moroccan Diary – Day13 to Day 15 The morning of Day 13 dawned and I was up with the lark and out to the boulangerie in the semi-darkness at 7.30am with the Medina coming to life, I bought three petit pain au chocolat, one baguette and three round breads for 6.5 dirhams about 60 cents and one litre of… (more…)

My Moroccan Diary, Day 1- Day 3

Readers will have to respect the fact that this is not a report but a diary written contemperaneously with the events on the trip.  So there will be some repetition and in fact as I type there might be the odd sentence thrown in when events did not give me the time to include in the written diary.  So here… (more…)

Corfu Part 6

We hear that Greece runs out of money on Tuesday but Angela Merkel is coming to sort it all out.  Isn’t she kind.  All the nice people we have met these past few weeks will be saved but to these local people, it would not matter if Greece ran out of money three times over, these lovely people would live… (more…)