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I Am A Non-violent Terrorist, David Says So.

Following David Cameron’s speech on terrorism at the United Nations recently, where he spoke at length on the war on terrorism world-wide and what all countries needed to do,  He stated that non-violent extremist were as bad as the violent terrorists we see on our screens every day of the week.  These people spitting out lies on the internet saying… (more…)

A Quick Return To 9/11

I have explained about 9/11 previously and the only comments I am getting are from a couple of “useful idiots” who seem to know nothing of the properties of steel.  It is a well known fact that “useful idiots” abound in the area of higher “taught education”.  It just so happens that these two people are both science graduates and… (more…)

The Truth.

I think that the main purpose for every intelligent human being on this planet is to seek the truth whatever and wherever that may be.  If we start with the premise that we believe absolutely nothing unless supported by obvious fact we are starting at the right jumping off point.  Clear your mind of everything you were taught at school… (more…)

Poor Dumb Fuckers

As regular readers will know, I do not have a television set and I do not watch television in the pub or anywhere else these infernal machines are situated.  Why because it’s full of crap and lies.  You do not mind the crap but I detest paying for it in licence fees and electricity bills and it is a highly… (more…)