Sheep-Shagging Is Not Healthy (It Makes You Lose Your Job)

After reading my blog yesterday, David Laws, once Chief Secretary to the Treasury, resigned immediately.  But like a hen with its head cut off running round the farmyard, David Laws is still sheep-shagging, he is still shagging us, the people, the flock, with unbelievable spin coming out of every coalition members voice box.

I have just been listening to Vince Cable, a politician I admired up until this morning, talking in the aftermath of the only thing that David Laws ever did right in his life.  Sky News asked him if he thought David Laws had to resign.  Our Vince, with a sideways look at someone off camera, presumably holding a Kaleshnikov said “No he didn’t, he did not do this for personal gain, he did it to retain his privacy.  It was a mistake and David knows it but he has done nothing wrong”.

Now if fiddling many thousands of pounds out of the public purse, a purse David was there to protect, is not wrong, let us all go and rob a bank or a post office.  I do not get this argument at all.  I have looked at his problem from all angles and I suppose he did have a problem packing good solid muck up his partner, James Lundie’s anal passage, which was always prone to leakage because his sphincter had been severely damaged by years of unnecessary activity, but how do the politicians expect us to believe that he did it to retain his privacy.  He did not have to claim the money in the first place, but as he did claim it, he could have given it back, saying he was well enough off not to need it.  To give it back when he was caught bang to rights means he was doing it for personal gain.  Greed had taken over.

The politicians still think we are sheep and they are still shagging us with lies and hypocrisy.  Cable went on to say “the people out there will understand the decency of the man and know that he did not do it for personal gain”.  Well if Vince Cable can come out with this clap-trap, just like Nick Clegg did last night, then I realize that this brave new world that Cameron promised us last week, is indeed the same old, same old.

Will someone out there please tell these political pricks, that we are not mindless morons who unbelievably use our phalli for what god made them for and not for shagging young boys and Downs Syndrome kids, but we are intelligent people who will hopefully at some stage bite back.   We can tell right from wrong.

Lastly I would like to apologise to my readers for the strong language used in this posting but I have found that politicians only respond, like the poor colonials of years ago, with something stiff and glistening up their khybers.

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  1. Daniel Malpas says:

    You don’t have to apologise to me… More of the same please!

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