Poor Dumb Fuckers

As regular readers will know, I do not have a television set and I do not watch television in the pub or anywhere else these infernal machines are situated.  Why because it’s full of crap and lies.  You do not mind the crap but I detest paying for it in licence fees and electricity bills and it is a highly soporific tonic for the vast majority of people who cannot think and understand.  What I object to are the lies that the BBC, ITV and Sky spew out on government insistence to make us all feel good or terrified, whichever is the theme of the moment.

So with no television you receive no lies and your head is clear to understand the truth.  The truth is what you get from cherry-picking the alternative media and with no television, you have the time necessary to think and reassemble and eventually, and it may take a long time, but eventually you come up with the kernel that is the truth.

The main truth is that whatever we read or learn from an approved source is normally a lie and if you persevere with that idea first and foremost, you can eventually arrive at the correct meaning or knowledge of a particular event or circumstance.

Take for example the subject of my posting two days ago, 9/11 and the Destruction of the World Trade Centre in New York.  If you rule out the US government take on what happened and start to study the photographs and the alternative expert view on things, you eventually come up with the truth.  I am a thick sod and it has probably taken  me a dozen years to realise, other more perceptive people realised within weeks that this horrible incident was not caused by a bunch of crazy muslims but was indubitably caused by government agencies.  They are the only people who had the know-how and capability to produce such a highly technical show.

So now we start to realise that the people ruling the world are a highly corrupt, sadistic bunch who cannot be trusted and believed with anything they say or do.  So that everything they deny is the truth and everything they say is a lie.

However when you start to realise this you have to go the whole hog, you cannot disbelieve them sometimes, then believe them on other occasions, their integrity, it has to be understood, is non-existent.  Everything fed to the public eye and ears is a sham.

There are some people who believe that 9/11 was a hoax, a terrible tragic hoax and then the next minute they believe the official line on another subject.  Take for another example the case of Hollie Greig, the poor Downes Syndrome girl in Scotland who was repeatedly raped and abused by a gang of high ranking Aberdeen paedophiles over a number of years. The bent, putrefying Grampian Procurator Fiscal Angiolini covered up and said there was no case to answer without even interviewing any of the protagonists, the empty vessel of a Scottish parliament accepted what its vassal had said and so did the English government who were also up to their necks in similar paedophile mire any how.  Most of the people who bothered to make themselves aware of this awful situation accepted the government line including lots and lots of people who were beginning to realise the falsehood of 9/11.

These people who accept some of the lies but not others are the cause of the predicament we are in and that is why the ruling powers get away with what they do.  Once they divide, they conquer, as the vast majority of the people, the non-thinkers, the dumb fuckers are on their side already.

So please all you intellectual minority start to disbelieve everything that emanates from a government source.

Another thing that came out of recent comments on the blog was the supposed superiority of independent schools because they  allow more freedom of thought but unfortunately they take the same syllabus as state schools and are marked by the same examiners who are mostly part of the dumb fucker set anyway.  The pupils at independent schools might be more intelligent in their thoughts and ideas but only because they come from that sector of society where these gifts are more generally abundant.

Which brings me onto another subject close to my heart, why is it that secular independent schools are thriving whilst those aligned to a particular religious ethos are failing.  Let us take the example of St Bede’s College in Manchester, once a must go to establishment but now unable to attract monied parents into sending their children into its protective arms.  Some argue that people cannot now afford the £9,000 per annum fees (secular independents thrive), others look at its falling exam results (clerics and semi-clerics with not an ounce of spark reign).  The real reason of course is that the school is run by the Catholic episcopacy, the parents want their kids educated without the fear of sexual abuse.  All religious educational establishments have had their fair share of sexual abuse but none will stand up, admit to past failings and say that strictures are now in place for this never to happen again.  But they will not, they will not even accept their past has been smeared, they just ignore the obvious like a bad smell, hoping it will drift away in time.  Unfortunately not before inordinate damage has been done.  Parents have drifted, have withdrawn, have refused to take part in this religious charade and opted for the secular version.  Any parents left who send their kids to such a school are unfortunately the poor dumb fuckers I was referring to before but dumb fuckers who are able to afford, which makes them twice as dumb, who cannot see, cannot think, watch television most nights and read all the good newspapers.

Yes and before you ask, I also was a poor dumb fucker once, but I had a Damascene moment when I came head to head with the Salford Diocese and witnessed their intransigency and then moved on to question all forms of authority.  I am now a free man and I have to say one hell of a happy man.

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  1. Are you still buying the holocaust lies, because that is a key marker in understanding the motives of the criminal classes… Understand that and you realise why the two world wars started and then you will realise you are in a very small minority indeed that gets smaller every time you discover an ultimate truth.

  2. Paul Taylor says:

    I can subscribe to certain conspiracy theories, but Holocaust denying? Really. I wonder what the Nazis did with all the Zyklon B they ordered from BASF during the Second World War? De-louse the gardens?

    My father had the misfortune when serving in the war to come across these camps. The stench alone, he told me, convinced him that the civilians living nearby must have known exactly what was going on and he found it unforgivable that they tried to deny what literally had been happening under their noses. Also the Nazis, with their rather meticulous recording-keeping, listed huge numbers of the victims, so as to help the Allies get a rather good picture of what had actually been going on.

    I think Mr Malpas Junior should try a bit harder before putting fingers to keyboard. Some people may find his attitude offensive. I for one do, and I’m not Jewish.

  3. PaulMalpas says:

    There is nothing more certain than this subject for raising the ire in normally placid individuals. I cannot take any side in the argument at the moment but am willing to listen to both sides. One thing I am certain of is that 9/11 was a grizzly hoax so if the powers can do that they can do and often have done anything.

  4. In my 36 years on this planet, there are two ultimate truths that have shaped my thinking. 1) Perception and reality are always opposite and 2) The truth speaks for itself.

    Whilst I have no axe to grind, I worry for the future.

    Before I point out the various problems in the holocaust narrative, I should mention that every person who takes umbrage with my questioning of lies, comeback with the exact same line… Someone they know liberated the concentration camps and were a witness to the alleged crimes. This is either complete bollox or it is misunderstanding of the facts. These claims are countered by the fact that all the alleged gas chambers were liberated by the Russians and as such no allied soldier went near them.

    Let us start with some basic Maths… The claim is that 4 million jews were exterminated in Auschwitz. Auschwitz had 15 cremation ovens and the most advanced cremation ovens today can cremate an average size human in approximately 2 hours. If they were cremating non stop it would take 61 years to dispose of all remains. If the total figure is reduced to 1 million, then it would still take 15 years. Clearly there is something wrong!

    What about the pictures of emaciated jews..? Zyklon B was created to destroy lice that carry typhus… Typhus was the biggest threat to these labour camps, so the Germans took extra special precautions to prevent any outbreaks. The shaving of the hair, the delousing of all clothes etc. Anyone who has visited Aushwitz or any other camp can see these delousing chambers instantly recognisable by the Prussian blue staining in the walls from the hydrogen cyanide (The alleged gas chambers have no such blue staining). The allied bombing campaign towards the end of the war took out the german infrastructure (roads, railways etc) and as a result the country collapsed and major typhus outbreaks occurred. The irony here is that the zyklon B was used to save jews not kill them…

    At this point, it is important to share some links to some very good documentaries that can deal with the facts better than myself. David Cole did some brilliant work getting doctor Franciszek Piper to release some little known facts… Well worth the watch (http://youtu.be/PWCOjOj4RAU). The author of this video is unknown but he gives a very good visual on the logistics involved and as such is worth a small amount of anyone’s time (http://youtu.be/tb-dN98VfDk). The last two links are from men whose names have been unjustly sullied by the jewish propaganda machine, so it is important not to prejudge the speakers but to judge the content. Both men have been sent to jail for the crime of telling the truth but their sacrifices have spawned some very important studies not least from Fred Leuchter who proved scientifically that there were no “gas chambers” in Auschwitz. Ernst Zundel explains all here (http://youtu.be/A5sbegfCz7o) and David Irving who studied Hitlers communiques and found no evidence at all that Hitler was aware of any genocides (http://youtu.be/jgGP_evkvOk). He also found the origin of the holocaust lie, whilst studying the diaries of the some high level secret service criminals. There are also allied aerial photographs that should be studied for their lack of evidence…

    I won’t bore you with any more details at this time, because you will need to absorb these facts and formulate specific questions. I will end with my final bombshell. Whilst researching all this, I discovered the most profound and disturbing piece of evidence which tied everything together. The following link turned my world view upside down and it dawned on me why we have these terrible wars. (http://buelahman.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/judea_declares_war_on_germany.jpg?w=750&h=539).

    The real holocausts were the allied bombing of civilians (Dresden, Hamburg etc) and the starvation of 5 million German prisoners of war. Why does nobody else get any war reparations? Why just the jews when they started the bloody mess in the first place?

    The rest I leave to you but understand a line has been drawn in the sand so choose your side carefully…

  5. By the way Mr Taylor… The fact that you are offended by the truth means that I am doing my job well and that you need to examine your integrity… It is not too late…

  6. My last point goes out to those who can’t believe the authorities and governments could be so corrupt.
    The Vietnam papers were declassified recently and of all the crimes committed in Vietnam, one particular event stood out. The Gulf of Tonkin scandal was a false flag operation designed to give the president of the USA, carte blanche to commence full spectrum military operations in Vietnam. The result was over 4 million Vietnamese deaths and countless more civilian casualties as well as over 200,000 American casualties… The most worrying aspect of this was the draft… This is public record and cannot be dismissed… CHECK THIS BASTARD OUT….


    If you are not worried about yourself, worry about your children…

  7. Mask says:

    At least we now know that there is an odd gene in the Malpas family that has been passed down to Malpas Jr. Just when you try to gain some credibility, you claim the Holocaust was a hoax. Brilliant. Good luck, boys.

  8. PaulMalpas says:

    Read my text carefully.

  9. Good news for the Mask… There is a million pound prize that has remained unclaimed for over 20 years for anyone who can provide a shred of credible evidence to support the holocaust lie… The Mask must uncovered some evidence that nobody else is aware of hence his misplaced confidence…. I can’t wait to hear it… (Although i’m guessing he has nothing and is just struggling to pull his head out of his arse)

  10. Paul Taylor says:

    To Mr Malpas Jnr

    Just because you disagree with someone, there’s no need to denigrate them. You have your opinion, I and others have mine. If you really think that mass murder was not committed at these camps, don’t try to selectively rubbish all the other evidence to fit your somewhat, to say the least, spurious theory. A forerunner of Zyklon B (basically reacting sodium cyanide with acid to release hydrogen cyanide) had been used in earlier wars to murder soldiers. Yes, it can be used to de-louse clothes, but, I would argue, not while the people were still wearing them!

    Also at the camps there was evidence of mass graves, where bodies were simply thrown in a pit and burned, as the crematoria could not cope with the level of mass executions. Incidentally, no-one of any credible authority claims 4 million were killed at Auschwitz-Birkenau, to give it the correct name. The figure is lower – around 1 million or so, but what’s a few million between enemies?

    I don’t think the Nazis during the war were too bothered about the health of the prisoners, more likely they were afraid that certain diseases would spread and infect their own staff, as well as the ‘Untermensch’ they were busy murdering. The ironic thing is that when the Allies captured the camps, they made the staff continue to work there and, somewhat poetically, many of them died of typhus and other diseases.

    Mr Mask is having a good laugh at your expense, I’m not. Don’t question my integrity, just because I disagree with you. This demeans the whole debate.

    The simple fact is that once you accept Hitler was a lunatic and set out to murder as many Jews and other so-called undesirables as possible, everything else falls into place – he stated his aims quite clearly in Mein Kampf. Most historians argue that the only positive thing to come out of the Holocaust from the Allies’ point of view was that the inordinate expense of constructing, manning and operating these camps helped to shorten the war.

    By killing off so many potential forced workers, this reduced Germany’s industrial output to a point where they were unable to replace their losses of materiel and thus were condemned to a swifter defeat. There would be no logic arguing against this situation, but then again, you’d have to question the logic of an Austrian Corporal who thought it a good idea to invade Russia in mid-summer, knowing that Russian winters usually set in around early October. Even to invade Russia in the first place would seem to be a rather ill-thought out venture, resulting in the highest death toll of any action in any war in history.

    On that thought, I bid you goodnight.

  11. PaulMalpas says:

    Well I think both sides have stated their case in a very reasonable fashion. It is now up to the reader to decide on what he or she feels comfortable with. One thing is certain that it will not be profitable to either side to continue the debate as the periphery commentators decided to go personal which spoiled the whole idea of a rather mischievous blog posting.

  12. Mr Taylor,
    I am not sure any of my criticism was unfair… The promotion of lies deserves the harshest of rebukes and i am trying my best to remain polite… In order to spot a liar you have to examine the persons intention. In your case i assume you do not wish to destroy your illusory perception of the world. It is good practice to question integrity. I question my own as well yours. It is a criminal offence to question the integrity of the criminal classes so perhaps you empathise with these people a little too much.
    The Zyklon B problem is very easy to explain. This cyanide based pesticide leaves a prussian blue staining in the fabric of the building that contains it. There is blue staining in the delousing chambers and none whatsoever in the alleged gas chambers. NO BLUE STAINING, NO USAGE OF ZYKLON B. This is basic deduction. These gas chambers are not in any of the aerial photographs and as Dr F piper admits, they were constructed after the war by the russians.
    Evidence of mass graves? As i said, there were typhus outbreaks all the time, this does not mean there was a conspiracy to exterminate Jews. There is no evidence at all as to the cause of death. The best sources we have are the communiques between Hitler and Hoss, because they were intercepted by Bletchley Park so they can corroborated. I do not deny there were executions, i am denying a systematic slaughter of Jews or rather i am exposing the lies of the criminal classes. In your own words you say, “no-one of any credible authority claims 4 million were killed at Auschwitz-Birkenau”. This my point entirely. There is no credible authority on the matter. The figure of 6 million is heavily dependant on the 4 million at Auschwitz. Dr Piper himself campaigned to have the figure lowered because they realised they would get rumbled a lot sooner. Why does the 6 million figure not get revised down to 3 million? Because the 6 million figure is a reoccurring myth in Jewish history. they use it all the time (yawn).
    Mr Mask may be having a good laugh at my expense but examine what he says and you will find he has the mental age of a three year old so i really think the laugh is on him. Why would you bring that up unless you have no valid argument and are using a slight of hand to distract me. This is a debunker/disinformation trick. It doesn’t work on me.
    Why on earth would you accept Hitler was a lunatic? He had overwhelming support from the German people, his speeches were hypnotic, he was the most sought after personality in the world amongst statesmen and royalty, he was one of the greatest military strategist of all time, he brought Germany up off its knees, He destroyed the suicide rate amongst his own people and found work for his people when unemployment in some parts of Germany was 90+%. Even JFK thought Hitler would eventually be recognised as a genius. I personally withhold my opinion pending further reading, but to accept that he was a lunatic is in itself lunacy. I read Mein Kampf and although he expresses his disgust at the actions of the criminal classes, he does not infer any promotion of the idea to exterminate. He mainly talks about the dilution of the Aryan race and the disease of international jewry.
    Your last point brilliantly encapsulates your complete lack of understanding and analysis. You think that the reason Germany lost the war was because they were so busy killing Jews, they ran out of workers and thus materials. What a blissfully naive view of the world you have. It is interesting to note that the decision to go for Stalingrad as opposed to the encirclement plan was made whilst Hitler was ill in hospital. However, the logic behind going for Russia was to destroy the cancer of Bolshevism, which makes sense to me.
    I will reiterate my point here again. I do not deny there were terrible events occurring during the war. That much is obvious, however, i do have a huge issue with anyone profiting from the suffering. Germany is still paying war reparations to the criminal classes today. The illegal military annexation of the holy lands by the criminal classes could only be made possible by the rape of Germany and by the stupidity of the Goyim. Both world wars were designed to bring about this end.
    I suggest you stop listening to mainstream historians who are inherently corrupt because they rely on political capital which is distributed by the criminal classes. Instead read between the lines, double check your sources and use your noggin. All those allied soldiers died for no good reason, for an unjust cause. Is this what you want for your children? I for one do not!

  13. Mr Malpas Snr

    Perhaps a small study on the 7/7 hoax will help people understand how close to home this problem of international jewry has become. Or perhaps an explanation of the Woolwich hoax will give people an idea about how gullible we are, how easy we are to manipulate and how piteously low our morals are..

  14. PaulMalpas says:

    Well I was going to call the debate over but for reasons of balance I will allow one more call from the holocaust was fact side of the argument and then that is definitely that. Readers have enough here for them to start clearing their muddied thoughts on the subject. There is nothing better than to have two Old Bedians going at it toe to toe. Once the playground was covered in blood and all over political debate.

  15. PaulMalpas says:

    The Woolwich hoax especially made me feel like throwing in the towel. The powers are now so flippant in their disregard for people’s intelligence they put a show like that on. They really do think we are feckin eejits and they might well be right.

  16. One last point about Zyklon B… It was a pesticide made by IG Farben. Before the war they were the 4th biggest multinational in the world. That company exists today as an asset-less shell with the sole stated goal of continuing to do business so it may pay many millions of marks in reparations to the victims of its many crimes. Why are the czechs still allowed to make it? Anyone else see a problem here?

  17. PaulMalpas says:

    That is definitely the last point on that side of the debate

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