Hangings On The Wall Part 2

To continue my tour of my hangings on the wall.  I must admit I am enjoying this perambulation through my recent history.  It is bringing up some lovely memories of recent times past after I retired from that miserable skunking scene that was Manchester all of 16 years ago.  Congratulations […]


Hangings On The Wall. Part 1

In these Covid-infested times when life is bleak and relationships can turn sour unless carefully nurtured and massaged (and plenty of that please), we need to think of the past pleasures.  Life’s enjoyment has stopped, possibly forever so we need to rekindle all those lovely things that made life worthwhile. […]

Preview to 2021

It is a week since I returned to blogging and I have found it hard to put finger to button, pen to paper, mind to word.  The world is in such a horrible place with this Covid fraud, I just do not know where to start.  We have been told […]