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Morocco – Renewal Progressing Part two of this posting

I am at the start of my 2nd week of renewal, I find myself stronger but there is a fuzziness at the back of my head and I think that will be there for a long time. We were up early that Saturday morning and we went off to the weekly souk (market).  The French have a word for the… (more…)

Peace Reigns On A Turbulent Future.

As we sit through these languid, warm and showery days of August 2013 realising there is work to do, putting a coat of varnish on the windows or clearing out the garage after a winter’s misuse, I wonder whether I am relaxing too much but sod it, I have had a lifetime of timetables, deadlines and doing.  I am 67… (more…)

The Sun Always Shines…

It is 11 days since my last posting, 11 days of mind searching, trying to think of another subject for posting on my blog.  It becomes demoralising sitting here at my desk at 4.30am trying to summon up a subject and find there is nothing.  I had overdosed on Bede’s and its mismanagement and wanted to give Messrs Quinlan and… (more…)

What Is Not In The News.

If there are any more things to say about the Hillsborough disaster in April 1989 that have not been said, it is the remarkable fact how on the day that 96 people lost their lives in the worst sporting catastrophe of Great Britain’s history, there was no crime committed.  You could say that on the day there was lots and… (more…)