People Watching.

When I am relaxed with nothing pressing, one of my favourite pastimes is people watching.  I watch them in bus queues, at railway stations, on trains, in shops, in fact anywhere there are people and I’m not busy, I’m watching.  Not from any lascivious or sexual pleasure, just watching and […]

A Miracle In Dublin

Yesterday was a day to remember, we were off early to Dublin and caught the 6.17am train, fearing with the November budget being announced that afternoon, it was probably our last free travel trip under the old scheme.  Still we, that is my first and long enduring wife, Helen, who […]

Time Flies

Doesn’t time fly?  It only seems a couple of weeks ago when I was 40 and running around Manchester, at the height of my powers, worried about nothing and scared of no-one.  Happily married with at that time four children and starting to realize that there was still a long […]