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In Memoriam

Spike has died.  Anthony Martin, a teacher who gave his life to teaching at St Bede’s College died yesterday in Wythenshawe Hospital after a long fight with a failing heart.  My heartfelt condolences to his wife, Veronica, who has suffered unbelievably over these last months as Tony’s life dwindled away. Spike as we knew him as been part of my… (more…)

The Road To Morocco – My Diary, Part 8

It is our penultimate day in beautiful Morocco, our last evening and I aim to enjoy it.  The whole team is now in the pool at 5.00pm, the temperature has increased to about 34C bearable in this dry climate at least with a glass of wine of the cool variety in your hand.  However I have to continue pacing the… (more…)

The Road To Morocco – My Diary, Part 7

Having left the party early, 30 minutes after sunset, I was up before sunrise and in the watery paleness before dawn I am writing this while the bull frogs sleep and the peacocks are bristling their feathers.  The dogs are alert waiting for their next adventure and the cats are stretching their limbs hoping for another boring day of being… (more…)

The Road To Morocco – My Diary, Part 6

Last night I was in bed just after night fall at 8.30pm and awake this morning well before sunrise at 7.00am.  Because of the flatness of the land round here these two events are spectacular affairs with the sun disappearing in the west and springing to life in the east both to cloudless skies.  The Atlas Mountains in the south… (more…)