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Bad Teeth Or Cancer, Bone Disease And Brain Damage. That Is The Question?

I have just bade farewell to the majority of my grandchildren, five kids under seven years old born to one daughter and her terrier of a husband.  The kids have exhausted and delighted me, the husband or should I say son-in-law, has angered, annoyed and embarrassed me at every turn.  It is never over anything simple and it is never… (more…)

Spare A Thought For Survivors Of Abuse

With all the palaver being spoken and written about regarding clerical abuse and I hear lots and lots of talk and read reams around the subject but nearly nothing about the lives of the poor victims or survivors as some like to refer to them and how they get through every 24 hours of their living. We hear the apologists… (more…)

The Journey To Oblivion Or I Think I Will Switch The Telly Off

A few months ago, weaned as all baby boomers were on that miracle they called television, which gripped the nation from the coronation in 1953 of that teutonic lady that some call Elizabeth II of England, I started to take stock. For most of my adult life I have watched television when I was doing nothing else and it has… (more…)