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Two Weeks Of Trauma – Part 3

Monday 18th April An early phone call from Galway ICU telling us not to come down as Helen was  being bundled into an ambulance and being taken back to Sligo and to ring Sligo ICU that afternoon.  I rang at 4.00pm and was told that Helen had arrived but that we could not see her.  There was still a lockdown… (more…)

Two Weeks Of Trauma – Part 2

Tuesday April 12th After a night of disturbed reflective sleep, I was up early at 6.00am.  The management of the hotel had given us a splendid suite of rooms, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and a fully equipped kitchen.  All night long I was pondering on the resuscitation team and wondering how they appeared so quickly to save… (more…)

Two Weeks Of Trauma – Part 1

On the Sunday afternoon of 10th April my wife of 43 years and one month took a funny turn.  Sitting in an armchair reading her kindle, she started struggling to breath, she could not speak but after a couple of minutes things returned to normal. She had not been too well for a few weeks and her dislike of doctors… (more…)

Three Score And Ten And Still Living.

There comes a time in a man’s life when he suggests to himself that “I’ll have one last lash”.  It has been a while in coming, slowly and recently I have begun to have a distaste for a session down the pub, a bellyful of booze.  Pints of Guinness now mean nothing to me after a lifetime of adoration at… (more…)