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Anarchy Is The Only Way

I am 67 years and three months old and I have only just started to learn.  The first 65 years of my life was spent in solid acceptance of everything the Church and State threw at me.  I was ideal fodder for their evil ways, I was like 99% of the population, too busy skiving when I was young, too… (more…)

People Watching.

When I am relaxed with nothing pressing, one of my favourite pastimes is people watching.  I watch them in bus queues, at railway stations, on trains, in shops, in fact anywhere there are people and I’m not busy, I’m watching.  Not from any lascivious or sexual pleasure, just watching and making up stories in my head as to why they… (more…)

Political Priapism

It has taken me a couple of weeks to get over Dave McGarry’s death and judging by the amount of e-mails and comments received, I would guess his death has disturbed a great number of people and him a Catholic priest whose stock as a group of people has been lowered considerably over the last few years.  It just shows… (more…)

A Miracle In Dublin

Yesterday was a day to remember, we were off early to Dublin and caught the 6.17am train, fearing with the November budget being announced that afternoon, it was probably our last free travel trip under the old scheme.  Still we, that is my first and long enduring wife, Helen, who has stuck by me for nearly 40 years of marriage… (more…)