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eflow And I, Here We Go Again

Well here we go again, into battle with eflow, the ever beloved agent of the Road Transport Authority, given wholehearted permission to come the bully on all who use the M50 motorway, which takes traffic north and south of Dublin on its industrial west side.  Some five years ago eflow again very, very quickly drew the battle lines when Helen… (more…)

The Trial Of Timothy Rustige – Part 2

Timothy Rustige Trial Part 2 Tuesday and Wednesday, 25th and 26th February.  We have to sit here now for two days and enjoy Aberdeen  whilst a previous case conveniently reaches denouement, a dour grey town with lots of activity surrounding the docks.  You tend to become bored with granite when it surrounds you but if you look up you can get… (more…)

The Trial of Timothy Rustige – Part 1

Timothy Rustige Trial Part 1 We were up early, 4am, for our journey down to Dublin.  It was perfect weather, 2C in the West, 4C in Dublin.  Terminal 2 was very quiet, only a few last minute stragglers for the rugby match at Twickenham that afternoon.  Our plane to Aberdeen had real propellers, a brand new AVT something or other. … (more…)

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