Tipperary So Far Away.

One of my interests, besides cricket and rugby and football and drinking and eating moderately and archaeology and fair play and all things Irish and history generally and especially Irish history and First World War history,  is the Irish regiments fighting in that awful conflict and in particular detail, the […]

2010 Here We Come.

A happy new year to the world, a year in which I hope everybody will respect their fellow man and woman, forget their anger, appreciate what is good and what is bad, lose man’s natural characteristics of greed and lust and try to be honest with themselves and realize that […]

Muddy Waters

I was born in a suburb of Manchester called Longsight.  Three miles from the city centre, a halfway house, neither inner city deprivation or outer suburban splendour.  A place one came to, to escape the former and aspire to the latter.  Immediately after the 2nd world war it was nearly […]

In Memoriam

I am sorry about yesterday’s blog but the gremlins were in my computer and I lacked the skills necessary to overcome them.  I decided to abandon my editorial efforts and let my daughter, Katy, lead me out of the maze but she unfortunately was out of contact.  So I will […]

Sweeping Up

Refreshed, renewed and envigoured after my two days of recrimination and penance I am back on track as Wooden Bridge’s only gobshite.  One of my accusers during these  hard days was someone who said and I quote “if you have nothing good to say about something, say nothing” and whilst […]

Declining Waters

When I decided to throw in my lot with Ireland and came to live here full time some five years ago after years of living a ping pong existence between the two countries, I decided that my time should be taken up with it’s history and ideally in the explanation […]