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All We Can Give The Dead Is Memory

On 22nd February 2015 my wife and I flew out of Dublin Airport bound for Beauvais 50 miles north of Paris, an airport in much need of investment and used by lots of budget carriers from North Africa and especially by our very own Ryan Air. A hundred years ago on the 25th February 1915 five 2nd Battalion Connaught Rangers,… (more…)

Hunger Striking To History

Well yesterday Dublin witnessed what could only be classed as a spontaneous reaction to the ridiculous judge Paul Gilmartin’s sentencing of the Dublin Five to prison for coming within 20 metres of a water meter installer.  10,000 or so locals from the Dublin area arose, put on their boots and scarves and walked into town to protest.  No notice given… (more…)

To Be Or Not To Be.

Before I begin this little but very important blog posting I would just like to register myself as a definite confirmed heterosexual of unambiguously male gender and so can only look at today’s subject with a sympathetic outsider’s eye. I am writing as I feel after my small amount of research, I might have some terms and facts wrong but… (more…)

Dry January

Well after putting on 3Kgs in December it is time to take stock, I need to lose that three plus more if only to keep my endocrinologist happy.  I sold my soul to the good Doctor Lourens 18 months ago and more than anything in my life I cannot let her down.  So we, that is my pencil slim wife… (more…)