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Martin Tom “Watt” Henry.

This summer our weather has been terrible with lots and lots of rain and cool, cloudy days giving no heat to make the grass grow and crops to flourish.  It has been a farmer’s nightmare wondering where the hay and silage for next winter’s feeding is going to come from.  The height of our summer was a lovely week in… (more…)

Marciel Maciel and Thomas Duggan.

I have just been watching the film by Jason Berry of Marciel Maciel, a Mexican Catholic priest, who formed the religious orders of Legion Of Christ for men and Regnum Christie for women.  Both orders have massive support in the Americas and since the 1940s Maciel had been fund raising and building seminaries there for fledgling priests.   Numbering among his… (more…)

El Benito Philosophy Understood.

For the last few months Liverpool Football Club have been playing under a cloud but their results during the past week gave their fans something to shout about.  Their new German centre forward, Shitz, signed by El Benito in the January transfer window to give Torres a run for his money and picked to start in ten games during February… (more…)

The Cricketing Life.

One of the conditions attached to my first proper job was that I attend Salford Technical College for one day and three nights a week in order to gain professional qualifications.  This was one long hard grind, travelling from Sale to Salford by bus, to work through three hours of Law, Economics and Building Construction and Services after a day… (more…)