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Cameron, St Bede’s, O’Sullivan And Much, Much More.

Just back from a rhapsodic week in rural France, ensconced in a 300 year old, three storey mill, surrounded by sun, sheep, donkeys, cattle, birds (including large woodpeckers), flies, ants, snakes, mice, the odd rat, a turgid stream, unlimited supplies of wine, champagne, delicious bread and andouillettes, which you all know is a appetising sausage made from the small intestine… (more…)

Duggan: Was He Or Wasn’t He.

On the 23rd August 2011 I wrote a posting entitled Questions To Be Answered a quizzical look at an almost anonymous priest of the Salford Diocese and on the 30th April 2012 I followed it up with an allegorical look at the same question, How Not To Sew Seed: An Allegory as to whether Monsignor Duggan, one time Rector of St… (more…)

St. Bede’s: Situation Desperate The Natives Are Fighting Back.

Well that was a busy few days with literally thousands of people reading my blog from all over the world, especially the length and breadth of England and especially from the North West.  Friday was a record day for me and traffic on Saturday exceeded that, with a levelling off yesterday, our supposed day of rest but it was still… (more…)

At Last St William’s School Judgement.

There was a very interesting judgement yesterday in the Supreme Court that coaxed the law on Vicarious Liability along its merry way.  This law one of the learned judges said “was on the move” and has been tested on a few occasions recently and on one most important occasion during the life of this appeal.  Vicarious liability being the responsibility… (more…)