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The Law Is A Fucking Ass

If the dust has settled, it is possibly now a time for analysis. Let us take for a start the Manchester Evening News article on 26th March 2016. The headline says that the victims had dropped the legal action against the Salford Diocese. In fact they did not drop it at all, the insurance company you need, in order to… (more…)

Abuse: Its Forms and Failures

Before I start this probably long posting I would like to apologise to Mr Richard Scorer and his abuse team at Panone/Slater and Gordon in Manchester. I have probably done them a disfavour with my past blog postings but I now realise they were working in a section of English law that has no mercy for the historical sexually abused… (more…)

Grecian Gropes And Macedonian Meanders-Part 4

After leaving Lembet Road Cemetery we returned for our last night in Thessaloniki and enjoyed a fantastic meal of many courses of meze preceded by the traditional glass of Raki. a liqueur taken as an aperitif.  I was beginning to like this idea by the time our week’s stay was over, made from grape skins, it contains quite a kick. … (more…)

Grecian Gropes And Macedonian Meanders-Part 3

The native staff on our tour bus were an interesting mix.  One Greek with a Macedonian mother and two pure bred Macedonians.  The Greeks look down on the Macedonians as being people without a country, virtual refugees and it is the Greek veto stopping Macedonia getting in Europe.  The Macedonians, a proud people consider the Greeks to be lazy bastards… (more…)