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Grecian Gropes and Macedonian Meanders-Part 5

We left the once malarial infested Struma Valley and took the long road west to Lake Doiran and Macedonia.  100 years ago this part of present day Macedonia was in Serbia and we crossed the Greek border at6.00pm to find it was only 5.00pm.  Although Doiran is on the same longitude as Thessaloniki, Macedonia has to be different from Greece… (more…)

The Truth.

I think that the main purpose for every intelligent human being on this planet is to seek the truth whatever and wherever that may be.  If we start with the premise that we believe absolutely nothing unless supported by obvious fact we are starting at the right jumping off point.  Clear your mind of everything you were taught at school… (more…)

My Awakening.

For 63 years I was a dumb fucker, I believed in everything I had been taught, in everything I had read in the newspapers and everything I had listened to on television and everything and anything a priest told me, he of the ultimate authority. Then in November 2009 came the Murphy Report  confirming the transgressions of generations of priests… (more…)

Digging Deep

I thought for a moment that I had made up a new word but I knew I had not. I had used it before but I wanted a precise definition.  I reached for “The Times” dictionary but it was not there, I went into the next room and picked up “Collins” and it was not there either.  The word was… (more…)