Pulling the Wool Over Ones Eyes.

I received a letter yesterday from a strange body namely ESB networks, on further reading I find out that they are the people responsible for the running of the electrical supply to domestic and business premises in the country of Ireland.

The letter explains how ESB Networks are rolling out a National Smart Metering Programme in cooperation with The Commission for Regulation of Utilities.  Long titles with vague organisations need to be reigned in.  This service is entirely free but costing upwards of €500 per household.  Say 1.500.00 properties in Ireland gives a total of 7.5 billion  at a rough estimate on cost, Who can afford this free service.  However service costs to the public are going up on a weekly basis, so perhaps it ain’t free after all.

The installation of Smart Meters seems to me is another way the Government of Ireland has of poking its nose into the populaton’s private affairs.  Just as much as the meters are giving the householder information on their consumption.  The metering system is telling the government what each household is doing.  It seems to me that the freedom of the individual is even more eroded by this system, by this “Free” service of keeping the people in thrall of the government.  90% of people when offered stuff that is “FREE” will go for it without thinking of the consequences of their actions.  The old meters of Ireland have been doing sterling work for the last 100 years.  Why change it if it does not need fixing.

Just like the water meter fiasco of 10 years ago, I will refuse this “FREE” service as I fear I will lose my individuality and be bombarded with hundreds and thousands more eLectromagnetic field exposure on my central nervous system from these smart meters.  I will become a zombie in the governmental game of mind control.

The ESB letter tells me that an engineer will call round and cut off my electrical supply for 40 minutes while an exchange of meters takes place.  A total stranger entering my property and cutting off my supply of electricity for 40 minutes. No way will I allow this. there could well be a football match on.

They stress however many times, that it is a free service and an improvement on the present metering system of old.  Where is the improvement on my behalf except in me digging deep into my pockets every month to pay the ever increasing bills and letting a perfect stranger onto my property to deny me a chance of missing a Manchester United goal.

There is a step by step guide to this process designed for  the nincompoops that make up 90% of the population that will be persuaded by this free service.  They go on to explain that smart meters are part of the National Climate Action Plan using digital technology and the 2G mobile phone network and will let you know your usage daily to enable Paddy the country man who has neither a phone or knows where his meter is to control his usage daily.  I am not entirely dumb, so I switch off my supply when not using it and switch it back on again when the situation for use arises.

It then goes on to explain the benefits  of smart meters in so many technical terms, the average guy, never mind Paddy the country man, would surely get lost or lose interest but it explains how it “generally facilitates  Ireland’s  growing renewable generation and support the electrification of transport and heat”.  We have this already don’t we.

In short  it is a modern day governmental bluff to control the living habits of the population.  Just like water meters, it will fail.  I am a conservative person. I have my old water meter still and I will refuse this offer just as I refuse all government’s free offers to control my life.

Big sentences and long titles do not fool me! Nobody can pull the wool over my eyes unless I can buy the wool and the services of the wool puller.

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