Dead Or Alive

Last night Selene came to me.  She just slid under my cloak on that dark and chilly Arcadian night and we soon warmed up with her god like charms doing wonders for my soul.  Afterwards she seemed in no hurry to re-enter Zeus’s halls and we chatted and she brought me up to date on all the strange things that were happening up there in the clouds.  Heaven was getting overcrowded with this massive influx of the dead from this world of mine never mind the world of others.

In Israel and let me tell you the Gods welcome all comers, in Israel, the first country to mandate the Covid jab, deaths have jumped to three and a half times more covid deaths than there was before the booster jab was ordered on July 1st this year.  They are dropping like flies on a jar of Kosher honey.

Doctor Vernon Coleman let the cat out of the bag the other day when he mentioned that the various medical  boards are advising the jab programme to stop.  Their records show that too many people are drifting off this coil after being jabbed.  Selene told me that the God’s themselves have asked for a moratorium on the jab process until more is known.  After all it is still an experimental medical procedure and has a couple of more years to run prior to it being allowed or denied.

Professor Dolores Cahill said the other day that the reporting agency that measures deaths from vaccine injury, in Britain it is the yellow card system, but the deaths recorded in Europe and America is over 50,000 entirely due to jab injury.  The yellow card system is generally known to be poorly recorded and is more like 100 times more likely.  She thinks that possibly so far in those two domains probably 500,000 people have died as a result of the jab.  However the stupid sheep still take their place in the line for a bid for mass suicide.  Dolores was forecasting this outcome a year ago when  the jab was being wheeled out.  She is only an expert so no wonder people ignore.  They do not really ignore but politicians and media make sure the populace do not find out because enquiring minds are like hen’s teeth in this world.  This omerta is even more serious when you consider that only a few years ago Big Pharma was stopped in its tracks when 60 people world wide died from their injection of swine flu vaccine.

Valhalla is over-run.  People are sleeping on the streets.  Old Peter, at its gates, has gone down with a stress related illness.  He was unable to cope.  All types of shady folk have been creeping through the pearly gates.  Boris Johnson, Micheal Martin and Leo Veradka are boasting that although not yet dead they have managed to get a key to the back door.  Old Peter’s mate, Adolph Hitler, is on that gate and for a few shekels he is letting anybody in who can tell a decent lie.

The poor remnants of population left on our world are still believing the lies spoken by these old cronies even though all medical men and women of note are now having second thoughts.  But it is a bit too late for those buckos.  The Nuremberg declaration is coming into effect to ensure that those buggers who knew, but still continued to hand out the pricks, have had their day.  However crassness still prevails and the mask wearing, social distancing, hand washing eejits are still queuing up for  their boosters.  Shortly once the next virus season is over there will only be me, Selene and a few of us deniers left but at least we will have the place to ourselves.  We will no longer have to spit and fart with dismay when we see some individual riding his bike wearing a mask with not a sinner to be seen.  We will have reached equanimity.

It will be hard for a while but not as hard as watching an old woman carrying her shopping bags having to stop and lift her visor to allow much needed oxygen into her lungs.  The real difficulty is avoiding the rotten carcasses littering the streets.  However the scavengers will soon peck them clean and at least we will be able to play football with their skulls.

5 thoughts on “Dead Or Alive

  1. Equanimity, hey? Today, I did a cacao ceremony with a group of very like-minded souls and we were all asked to add a lump of cacao to the brew with our intention. Mine was equanimity. A much ignored, much possibly unheard of characteristic in this society. But the soldier’s quality that will carry us through what is to come and see us smiling, creating and thriving in this post-covid future which I whole-heartedly believe in.

    Selene passed me a raffle ticket today and on it was inscribed, equanimity. A purely serendipitous moment and a sign.

  2. Dr. Vernon Coleman has also claimed (1) that AIDS is a hoax, and (2) that you can’t get AIDS by heterosexual sex, and that only gay people get it. Evidently, consistency is not his strong point. (He doesn’t seem to be too familiar with reality either.)

    Dolores Cahill has claimed that only three illnesses are conveyed by transmission through the air: Ebola, smallpox and tuberculosis. Perhaps someone should tell her about the common cold. Or flu. Or chickenpox. Or measles. Or diphtheria. Or mumps. (Or probably many more that I can’t think of right now.)

    Once again, you are failing to evaluate the credibility of your sources. Well educated, well qualified people do sometimes talk nonsense, and you need to be able to recognise when they are doing so.

    If you want a different (and sane) take on vaccines, try this:

    1. Linda,
      I will not argue with you, only time will tell. One thing is certain. I have followed football all my life and I cannot remember anybody having a heart attack at a match. In the last few days this has happened to three people at Premier League matches.

      1. Perhaps you can’t remember any cases, but it took me just 10 seconds to establish that there have been lots of cases of heart attacks at football matches. And I am talking about the period before the world had heard of Covid vaccines, or even of Covid.

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