Lock Downs, Jabs, Break Downs.

It was whilst listening to the Richie Allen Show last night and I would recommend everybody to do so, it’s on Podomatic and his own website of Richie Allen.co.uk, did I start to fully realise what harm this governmental drive to jab and control the human race is having on people

The traditional healthy core of mankind is family and friendship.  They are the two lifelines most people are able to hang on to when faced with the idiotic pressures modern life impresses on them.  The insecurity of life in terms of jobs, mortgages and Indeed any form of existence makes people go slightly barmy, slide into drugs, alcohol and violence.  The thing most suffer from is loneliness and it is the presence of family and friends that keep the lid normally on emotion in all its vagaries.

When these relationships are tinkered with calmness and happiness go out the window, loneliness rises to the fore, psychoses creep in.  This is what the governmental greats are doing to their flocks, who unfortunately are not able use their naus in a more positive way.  In families some get jabbed , some do not, the majorities tend to make outcasts of the minorities.  Friends gather together and make outcasts of those that are not of them.  These days with the propaganda knocking about the majority are jabbed and the minority, the unvaxxed, I hate that word, the unvaxxed are thrown into the midden.  Or at least those who are not that strong.  They get uninvited to family gatherings, they get left out of all social events, in fact they become eschewed.

Governments know what they are doing, it is their raison d’etre for all their weird pronouncements, actions and ridiculous rules.  Society is strong.  Break it down and we will win the battle, the battle to reduce the population by half.  They are beginning to win but a battle is un-nportant, it is the war that matters and we still have time.  We have to be strong.  We have to realise the stupidity of what is happening.  We have to cherish our family and friends and slowly make them see by our beliefs and actions that our strength is good and their fallibilities are obvious.  Unfortunately for a lot of people it will be too late.  Pushing up daisies is not a place to be regretful in.  But let us all try to be good, let us all try to show by example how right and able our thought processes are.

That was never more true than after the incident on Sunday when I approached an old friend, Pat the Sailor, who had invited us to his house to describe his fearless deeds on the high seas.  He barred us entry because of our lack of jab.  We walked away worried, he was massively scared, terribly weak.  He rang me later to apologise but could not at that time comprehend our position.  He will soon I hope.  His life as been the sea and its dangers and its wonderment and his ability to describe it.  He was looking forward to expounding on it but now he cannot.

I have for a long time wondered why these lock downs and eschewment from local society have had no effect on me.  I have never felt lonely, I have mainly steered clear of family ties.  I am happy to be barred from shops, it is their loss not mine.  I am happy not to travel.  I am a richer man without.  I have asked myself why I should be different than most others.  The only answer I can come up with is that I have always been this way.  Nothing has deterred me, I have always paddled my own canoe from childhood, through maturity into old age.  Nothing and nobody has ever interfered with my thought process.  I am not bragging here but I have also never had friends, I do not need propping up.  What I do have is love for the deserved and non recognition of the dystopic.  Nothing and nobody can tell me that wrong is right, that black is white.

When the city of Waterford in Ireland has been judged the most vaxxed population sector in the world percentage wise, something in the order of 99% of the city have had the jab and then the news has just come out that in terms of Covid growth it is the most highly infected city percentage wise also.  You have to start thinking that there is something wrong with this jab policy.  Some how or another you lot out there have got to start thinking, probably for the first time in most of your lives, that things do not add up.

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