Hoax? Death Certainly. Long Live the Unjabbed.

I have been saying  for ages that this so called flu season is a hoax  and is something that the powers are not admitting to.  General government opinion is telling us that this is a pandemic, ie. a disease that affects all people round the world.  It comes from an two ancient Greek words so there must have been a few pandemics over the years.  It means all people but this disease does not affect all people, only the old and those with weak immune systems, in other words the knackered.  There is in fact a flu pandemic every year during the period October to March but the world has got used to this concept and refuses to give it the title of epidemic or pandemic.  Hippocrates refers to it in his writings 500 years before Jesus was born, so we have known about it for a long time.  Flu is now thought of as a rite of passage, part of God’s heritage.  So why get fussy about these last two flu seasons which the governments of most of the world have classed as a pandemic and called it Covid 19.  According to official government statistics no extra people are dying.  Nobody has conveniently got flu but everybody has Covid 19.  It is like calling  Mabel, your wife, Sybil.  Whatever way you look at her she is still Mabel to the world but Sybil to you. These last two years death statistics remain stable yet the government are trying to make us all wear masks, not allowing us to mix, in fact trying to scare the living daylights out of us and in the main succeeding judging by the way most idiots are sporting these facial non-recognition pieces of cloth.

But they came up with a solution like all good nationally elected governments should do.  The way to absolve you from this stain on humanity is to get a jab and the same idiots wearing masks are queueing up for this perforation of their bicipital muscle and the idiots believe they are saved.  The problem is this jab does not stop you catching this flu (Covid 19) or does not stop you passing any bug you might have on to others.  What it obviously does  is lower your immune system to levels not sufficient for 21st Century living.  As a result thousands are dying and millions are suffering life diminishing side effects of the jab.

People have been stopped from traveling abroad which is their God given right, unless they can prove their jab, but people are dropping like flies with cardio-vascular complaints.  Expert scientists like Dolores Cahill and Mike Yeadon are expecting it to get worse as this jab works away at lowering your immune system.  Your immune system if you did not know keeps you alive, wards off diseases and general epidemics you run across in your daily lives.  No immune system, no life, is the general mantra these scientists are trying to put over but because they are not allowed to speak on these matters because of government policy, the idiots have to listen to the muppets put forward by the powers.  Muppets who do not know one end of a needle from the other.

So what happened the other week  British Airways made all their pilots have a jab and then told them to isolate because they did not want them having a queer fit from flu as they drove their planes.  Ok everything good but four of them died a few weeks later.  Four fit men with healthy life styles and good immune systems dropped dead.  Immediately the government and British Airways said it had nowt to do with the jab, it was just an unfortunate circumstance.  But we know different don’t we.  The odd circumstance is OK but to have too many begins to make you think.  If it was the jab that killed them, how many innoculated passengers will die from flying, a circumstance everybody knows about.  Flying and blood clots are synonymous, we have been warned about it for years.  This then begs the question that probably it is better not to be jabbed and a quick change of heart will allow governments to say in the very near future that only the non-jabbed can travel.  It really is all a load of shit.

The proper scientists are saying what is happening at the moment is nothing compared to what might happen when the next virus season comes along in October of this year 2021.  Jabbed people with now unbelievably low immune systems will now catch something and probably die from it.  Not only the knackered, if there are any left by then but middle aged and younger people will be giving up the ghost like cattle in an abbotoir.  The government will blame it all on the variants which pop up every week but variants are the life blood of all flu viruses.  There are millions of them and the medics have known of them for years.  Job done the powers will chortle, the world population cut in half, room for us all to live comfortably and drink all the water God has sent us.  So to that end realising what is in store various local governments are putting adverts in the trade press hoping to make this mass extermination more palatable to those of us who are left.

This is a tender notice put out by Westminster City Council to cover all the districts of London, other boroughs and countries are following suit.  The tender is seeking companies who can quote for Temporary Body Storage Services for a four year  up to 21st June 2025.  The value of the bid is aproximately 6 million sterling and covers  for temporary body storage services in the event of an excess death situation that will overwhelm the normal  burial and crematorial services.  It says that it will be a contingency service only, called on  in the event that an excess death situation arises in the future and existing local body storage capacity needs to be augmented.  The deceased will be stored with dignity and respect at locations to be determined based on local London needs.  Tenders are due back on 12th July.

Somebody certainly  knows something of what is going to happen for them to think up this.  My only concern is why have the contractors  to treat the dead with dignity and respect.  What is the point because there will be that many of the fuckers to sort out.  Who the fuck cares if they are treated with respect and dignity.  What comes to mind is stories of the Great Plague in the 14th Century when the odd aspiring entrepreneurs would travel the streets with their donkeys and carts crying “Bring out your dead”

It certainly is a thing to consider as you line up for your jab.  I hear the enthusiastic jabberenes  are now considering giving it to foetuses in the womb once they have passed their  first trimester on the thinking that this jab will not have penetrated the placental barrier.  Life somehow will have to go on.   I am telling you now that this next couple of years will be no joke so do not start to get emotional.  You have brought it on yourselves.

16 thoughts on “Hoax? Death Certainly. Long Live the Unjabbed.

  1. Paul,

    Glad to see reports of your demise have been greatly exaggerated, here’s one person who has sorely missed your various blogs, always intersting and sometimes controversial.

    1. Well Paul it took you a long time to realise I was not dead, I have been blogging since January but I am glad you are back in the groove but instead of Bede’s read Covid. It is idiocy in slow motion and at last Wanker has got his comeuppence. Gove will be the next one to kick his political bucket. There is no decency left in the Tory party or any party come to that.

      1. Excuse my tardiness, with old age comes a slowing down in many areas. Mea culpa and nunquam otio torpebat also.

        Have I missed your congratulations to St Bede’s now that Sandra Pike is Queen Bee at the Apiary on Alexandra Road South? I’m losing count of the Head Teachers since Kearney left, there was Robson, the more recent guy who name I forget and who left in a hurry, and now Deputy Sandra to El Queso Grande/Grand fromage, after a long wait at the Number 2 slot.

        A comment or two on the subject from you might not be too remiss…..

  2. The unjabbed put their own lives at risk, because they are far more likely to get seriously ill with Covid than those who have bee vaccinated. They put those around them at risk, because they are far more likely to pass on the virus to others. And they put the whole world at risk because every new infection gives the virus more opportunities to develop new mutations – including, conceivably, mutations far deadlier than any we have yet seen. Do you want to be the person who unleashes a new Black Death on the entire world?

    The risk of the vaccine causing you serious harm is very close to zero. (I got a slightly sore arm for 24 hours from the first dose and nothing at all from the second.)

    Get vaccinated. ASAP. It’s a no-brainer. You will be doing yourself and everyone else a favour.

    1. Dear Linda,
      Because you are jabbed does not stop you passing the virus on to others or in fact becoming infected after the jab. Look at Piers Morgan, the fool on TV. He was double jabbed and then caught a serious bout of Covid but then like the eejit he is and without any proof he blamed catching his bout on an unjabbed person.
      Again in your 1st para you exaggerate. A scientist like you should never be prone to exaggeration. It does their argument no good. To suggest this Covid thing is anything like the Black Death when it is not even a pandemic is unfair to your intellect.
      I do not know what sources you use to say that the jab, which is not a vaccine, will not harm one is obviously posted from media/government statistics which are there to allay or sometimes put the fear of God into people. Even the Yellow Card system in Britain which is seriously under representative says that thousands are dying or suffering from very serious after affects after innoculation.

      1. Paul,

        Being vaccinated may not prevent you from becoming infected, or from transmitting the virus to others if you do, but it greatly reduces the chance you will become infected, it greatly reduces the severity of any illness if you do become infected, and (because it will reduce your viral load) it will greatly reduce the chance of your infecting anyone else.

        Of course what you are calling a “jab” is injection of a vaccine. What the hell else do you think it could be?

        I know perfectly well than no vaccine ever made poses zero risk of side effects. (I have been a full time biologist for the last 23 years, so I do know at least a little about these things.) And if you were to point out that the vaccines for Covid had to be developed very quickly, so they might have had to cut some corners, I would agree with you. But the important point is that any danger from the vaccines is very small, whereas the danger from the virus is real and large.

        If you haven’t already been vaccinated, then really you should do so as soon as possible. If nothing else, it might save me the cost of sending flowers to your funeral.

        1. Linda, just to relate to you how close death is after Covid jab. My daughter Katy runs a team of high tech wizards for a national company in Ireland. Last week a menmber of her team, Alex, had a friend who went to Germany to see people over there. She double jabbed prior to travel but last week she died in Germany, a fit and healthy 21 year old girl. Another member of her team, Chris, has a sister who had her first jab last week. She was rushed to hospital last night. Chris rang my daughter this morning to explain his absence from work and told Katy that the doctors have given him a warning that she will probably die.. She is 18 and was fit and healthy. None of these deaths will be reported. Popular Government statistics will show nothing, everybody is happy. Grieving families are hidden. Keep jabbing, nobody is to blame. No doubt flowers are on their way but little else. However the day of reckoning is yet to come.

          1. Paul,

            Do you have more details on these two cases? (E.g. which vaccine? Any pre-existing health conditions? Any unusual medical history? Precise cause of death?) Sketchy information, like what you give above, is difficult to evaluate, and when it comes at third-hand it is even harder because of the “chinese whispers” distortions that tend to occur.

            Young people do die, for all sorts of reasons unrelated to vaccines. An apparent correlation does not necessarily imply causation.

            I have an open mind on this, and can be persuaded by evidence, but anecdotal remarks about a “friend of a friend” do not, by themselves, carry much weight. If you are convinced that these vaccines are much more dangerous than the medical profession is claiming, and you want other people to accept that view, then you need to gather some solid evidence in support of it – solid enough to convince a scientific mind. If you can do that, I will be the first to support you.

            I don’t know of anyone, at first, second, or third hand, in any of the countries in which I have contacts (and there are many) who has died from a Covid vaccine. For the moment, scepticism about your claim seems the most appropriate attitude.

            Half a century ago, information filtered back to me from a friend of a friend (or possibly someone even further removed) who had attended an audience with the Dalai Lama. It was reported back to me that the Dali Lama had levitated during the audience. Am I supposed to accept that claim uncritically? Some years later, I too saw the Dalai Lama in person, and he definitely did not levitate then, nor did he give the slightest indication of having any abnormal powers. My conclusion: information received at n-th hand is frequently unreliable.


          2. It was my daughters first hand experience, I have not seen her since but when I do I will insist on preciseness. In the meantime I believe it.

          3. A good place to start on this subject is UK Column.org or richieallen.co.uk. Both well worth listening to for facts which they ask you to research yourself.

          4. Paul,

            I have just had a look at UKColumn.org, and I started to listen to their video “No smoke without fire, part 1”. The video contains a large number of assertions and little in the way of solid evidence. Many of the assertions are either definitely wrong, probably wrong, or phrased in a misleading way. This sort of thing just doesn’t have any credibility. I could take that video apart, sentence by sentence, and explain its failings to you, but it would take several days of hard work and I have too many other things to do.

            I’ll give you just one example. Dr. Yim claims that Covid incorporates proteins from HIV. It doesn’t. The claim is based on a paper by Indian scientists posted to a website for drafts of scientific papers. That draft paper had not been peer reviewed, i.e. it was posted before anyone had a chance to comment on it and point out any obvious errors in it. (Peer review is an important process. I often review papers written by other scientists before publication, and my own papers are reviewed in the same way. It helps prevent nonsense or serious mistakes from finding their way into print.) That draft paper is regarded as complete nonsense by those scientists who are competent to assess it, and it has now been removed from the website. But people still continue to quote it as though it were true. I can not take seriously anyone who does so.

            Brian Gerrish comes across as someone who is well intentioned, but unable to think clearly.

            He does raise a sensible question, which I can precis as “Is the mortality rate from Covid sufficiently high to justify the fairly extreme policies that have been put in place to tackle it?”. That’s a fair question, and the answer is not obvious. The mortality rate from Covid is somewhere between 1% and 2% of those infected. (In comparison, the mortality for typical flu is about 0.1%, though in a very bad outbreak, like in 1918, it can go much higher.) That’s nowhere near the level of real nasties like bubonic plague (around 50%) or Ebola (around 60%). If we were dealing with something like bubonic plague, I don’t think anyone would be complaining about lockdowns or compulsory vaccinations. The need for them would be obvious to everyone. But Covid presents a rather awkward dilemma: too dangerous to ignore entirely, but hardly a threat to civilisation. What is the right level of response? I don’t really know. I think it does require some kind of organised response, but you could argue that we have over-reacted. Of course, if we hadn’t reacted then the families of the 100 million or so people who would have died would now be asking “Why didn’t the government protect us?”.

            The only praise I can give that video is for the nice images of Xanthoria parietina growing on the chimney at the start.

          5. As with all things Covid, lies and assertions come more from the official line than any other. I have learnt that it is impossible to put over a dissenting point of view. Most people just believe the official line because of what they have seen on TV or in the papers. People like you Linda have complete trust in the system and cannot be moved. So I will stop and say no more

          6. Paul,

            As regards richieallen.co.uk, what he writes about trans people means I am not going to inflict any of his thoughts on other subjects on myself.

            You really should keep better company.

            I know that the message is far more important than the messenger, but sometimes you can judge the quality of the former from the character of the latter.

          7. I posted a long reply about UKColumn.org, but it seems to have vanished.

          8. Paul,

            I don’t trust the system blindly. Far from it. But I can evaluate data. And I do.

            For example, as regards the origin of AIDS I do not accept the official cover-up story – which basically says “We don’t know how AIDS transferred from chimpanzees to humans, but it happened around 1920”. After having studied the evidence, all the evidence, and very carefully too, I am satisfied (i.e. more than 95% certain) that it was transferred to humans via an experimental polio vaccine in what was then the Belgian Congo in 1959 or thereabouts. That hypothesis has been subject to repeated ridicule by the medical profession and others, and it has effectively been suppressed, but I remain convinced that it is true.

            Covid is a virus of bats that almost certainly transferred to humans as a result of carelessness in a laboratory in Wuhan. It was an accident. Just what the people there had been doing with the virus remains a rather murky topic, and it is possible (though not certain) that some changes had deliberately been made to it – what they are calling “gain of function” research, which basically means messing with the virus so it can do things that previously it couldn’t. That kind of research could, obviously, be malicious, and done with an eye to biological warfare, but it need not be and in this case I don’t think it was. They were probably concerned about the risk to humans of SARS-like viruses, and wanted to better understand how easily such viruses could spread to humans, with an eye to preventing the next outbreak of a SARS-like disease. (I can’t entirely exclude the possibility of biological warfare research, but I think it unlikely, mainly because there are far better choices of biological warfare agents than coronaviruses.)

            You are not evaluating the information critically. You are simply accepting what any anti-establishment figure spoon-feeds you. That is as foolish as blindly accepting whatever the establishment says.

            You need to evaluate the data itself, regardless of who said it. The difficulty, I think, is that you don’t have enough of a scientific background to be able to do that in this case. You are as handicapped here as I would be if I tried to predict the likely outcome of a cricket match. But I have the good sense not to offer opinions on cricket matches.

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