Has the Shit Hit the Fan.

Well I honestly think so.  With the interview on the Delingpole podcast last week where a receptionist/whistle blower working at a 20,000 plus patient general practice in the northwest of England described the conditions in her workplace as being horrendous after the jab programme was wheeled out to her customers.  Women in their 60s after living through their menopause reporting back of a return to menstruation, many of the patients at the local old folks home dying within weeks of their jab, hundreds reporting back to the GPs of all kinds of renal and blood malfunctions after being injected with both Pfizer or Astra Zeneca shots.  People with perfectly healthy good fitness levels being struck down with unusual symptoms, some in fact dying shortly after their skin was punctured and the doctors trying to sooth complaining relations saying their loved ones were just ill and it was nothing to do with vaccinations and these people walking away and believing these medics  who swore in their oaths on becoming doctors that “I will apply for the benefit of the sick, all measures that are required avoiding those twin traps of over treatment and therapeutic  nihilism”.  These doctors have been blinded by money, they are making an absolute fortune in this roll out.  Their patients mean nothing.  The job has to be done.  So much so out of the 20,000 plus patients most of whom have now been vaccinated, the practice has had well over 1500 reports back of sickness but the doctors glibness has resulted in only one yellow card complaint.  The receptionist has now no faith at all in doctors.

Now I have been thinking and saying the same for some time now as doctors have locked themselves away in their snug little consultancy rooms deciding who they should and should not examine or talk to.  I have written to my GP asking for answers with no reply and last week I wrote to the hospital.  I am suspected of having some coronary problems and for the last year doctors have rang me to ask in their finest bedside manner how I was and I in my own timid patient mentality say fine and that is that.  One more name box ticked and one more couple of quid in the doctors kitty.  Last time that happened my doctor, if in fact that is what he was, said I will change your prescription and he put me on a different pill.  I looked at the blurb which I received with the new pill and it said “Do not take if suffering from retinopathy”.  Now I am this unlucky one who has been told that retinopathy is one of my shining lights.  Because you cannot ring these people, I wrote to him, my GP and my coronary nurse.  The nurse was the only one to reply and this was over a month ago.  Doctors do not care.  I think some nurses still do.

Last week I received an invitation to out-patients in Roscommon Hospital organised by my said coronary nurse.  I thought and thought about this.  I would not be seeing her, but some doctor I had never heard of, on 16th June.  I thought what is the point, these fuckers do not care whether I go or not as long as my box is ticked.  I wrote to my nurse the following letter,


Following on from our recent telephone conversation, I see you have booked me in for a clinic with Dr Ion Victor Ignea on 17th June2021.  I have had no response to my letter to Dr John Barton on 21st April re his change of drug from apixaban to edoxaban and its harmful affect on patients with retinopathy.

Because of that and not wanting to subject myself to the demeaning process of a hospital visit in this post covid era, I have decided not to attend his clinic on that date.  If he wants to ring me on that date he can do but I have no faith in these box ticking phone calls.  Medical practitioners can discover nothing from these calls unless the patient is on his/her last.

Overall I think the HSE needs to have a long look at itself and its systems.  Barton was complaining in his email of 16th April 2021 that he was not getting reports of my previous blood tests which were done in Sligo and my local doctor’s nurse tells me it is not down to them to send my blood tests to you although it was they who sent me to your clinic.

The whole system is a mess and I feel I do not want a part of it.  Saying that, I have to say that your careful attention to my case has been exemplary.  You have been the only one who seems to care for a patient.

Thank you so much for your past nursing care.  So very few of your profession, both doctors and nurses seem to remember their oaths taken on qualification.  Covid seems to have turned their heads but it ain’t turned yours.


Paul Malpas”

I cannot be the only patient thinking like this, there must be plenty of others willing to take a chance with their lives.  I think the medical profession has lost the very core of its values and probably will never retake this lost ground.

On top of all of this are reports coming out from undertakers of how dying was a lost art in the last three months of last year.  They were closing down their cold rooms.  Imminent corpses were adamant they wanted to continue to be imminent but since the vaccine roll out these funeral directors have been inundated with customers.  They cannot cope, nor can the grumpy old grave diggers who are having to work overtime in rainy weather.  Is it not time that those still living start to realise what is happening and those that have been vaccinated start to prepare for that which is coming down the tracks at them and get their own house in order.  The future is grim.

The shit is hitting the fan and it will cover all those who have taken covid too seriously.  I mean doctors, politicians, the media, the police and in fact most of you fuckers.

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