Why Me?

What is it about me that questions everything I am told?  Whether it is the state of the weather, a football result, the taste of food or even this bloody stupid so called pandemic that is flu in any other name.  If I am told it is raining, I will stand outside to get wet before I believe it.  If I am told United won this afternoon, I will wait until it is confirmed in the press, on the internet and even waiting until I see the latest league tables.  If I see a recipe on the internet that looks good, I will have to cook it four or five times before making up my mind.  With Covid I do not believe a word anybody says and I have heard millions of words, whole bibles full of tales from the media, months of propaganda from the government and health authorities and miles of print from the presses and I still cannot believe one iota of the message being put out.  I know nobody with the disease or whatever it is supposed to be, I do not know anybody with any symptom at all.  I get told so often that Fred down the road is bad with it but I do not know Fred or where he lives or even believe the gossipy bastard who told me.

Why is it that living all my life believing in God and his manisfestation on earth, the Catholic Church, the Conservative Party at Westminster and the God given right for saying things as it is and not how somebody wants you to say or even in fact not wanting to say anything at all.  I now do not believe anything or anybody.  It has got to a stage now where whoever you speak to, everybody comes out with a coddled half truth that is neither for or against the idea you are trying to put out.  They neither deny or encourage your point of view because everybody is shit scared of having an opinion.  I have even noticed that fact in my own family.

Everybody is only just living in the now and agreeing with everything and anything they hear or are told.  Nobody bothers to think, research or just question what is happening around them.  The truth is a word that has not only gone out of fashion, it just does not now exist, it means nothing in the present climate.  How has the state managed this miracle, how has it been able to turn individual minds into a flock of nodders.  I have not noticed it happening but it must have been perpetrated over many years.

History scholars are well aware of this governmental tinkering with people’s minds to allow their nefarious deeds to be accepted by the masses.  Take Rhodes, Milner and Chamberlain in South Africa at the cusp of the 20th century, take Asquith, Grey and Churchill in the Great War, take Chamberlain, Halifax and the rest of the odds and sods who made up the National Government in 1939, take Blair in the Iraqi War in the 21st century.  They all had their palms crossed with silver, none of them minded killing a few million either way even if some of them were sons and daughters.  None of them gave a damn about poor old me and you.

However it strikes me that this new trick, this new man made so called pandemic has no  half hearted altruism at its core.  It is there solely for the purpose of introducing  an unbelievable horror into the world, eugenics in its rawest form.  The powers, ie not the politicians but the men in their ivory towers on the Alpine slopes, all know they have the cards, they all know that they are human but they also know they have progeny and being decent people they all want the fruit of their loins to grow up in the same luxurious state into which they have been accustomed.  So they enabled their acolytes, the politicians to pass Agenda 21 and 30 in the United Nations Assembly.

Although it is not so defined, what the aims of these agendas are, is to limit or squeeze to death the world population growth.  As it says somewhere that it took the world two million years to reach a population of one million, it has taken 200 years to reach nearly eight million.  Agreed this cannot go on or else we will burst at the seams.  Birth control has certainly helped but there are not enough who practice this wonderful form of population control or even want to defy God’s gift of procreation.  So these Alpine behemoths came up with a better idea.  Introduce a mild pandemic that kills a few, order the politicians to say it’s a killer and produce a cure out of their back pockets, a cure lined up for years to let the sheep cure themselves.  That cure is of course these injections of poisonous substances they call vaccination, Astra Zeneca/Oxford, Pfizer, Moderna and all the rest of these artificial so-called antigens that are coming to market.  I am no expert on things medical so do not blame me if my words are false just try to understand the feeling behind them.

Various eminent medical people have been trying to warn the world of the dangers of taking this pricking  path but the world believes, the world believes their politicians are telling them the truth.  The world’s peoples are idiots, read para 1 of this blog again.  Nobody thinks, nobody researches, nobody even reads these days.  Thinking of it they really do need culling.  Professor Dolores Cahill, Dr Vernon Coleman and now Dr Mike Yeadon and many others have laid their careers on the line to defy these media soothsayers.  All massively qualified in the subject and all saying the proper truth that these injections destroy the immune systems in the body.  The immune systems are God given benefits that allow people to live.  They have all said the present deaths due to this vaccination programme are nothing compared to what lies in the future when the next virus season begins.  When the bodies of the injected are faced with  a virus of which there are millions and are then reliant on a non existent personal immune system.

So come next October the shit will hit the fan, for the many who die it is too late to change their minds, the medics will blame it on something else, the governments will hold their hands up and say we did our best for ye and the world’s population should be reduced down to say six billion.  It is a start, we will have another pandemic next year the Al[pine men will say.  we will get it down to five billion by 2050.  Everything is hunky dory.  Thank God I will not be around but I will have died happily trying to tell you fucking idiots that you will die before me.

I have gone off my original thought path for this blog but it does not matter, everything is inter-related.  What was it that made me start to think, start to question, after a life-time following the rules.  I think it was the Murphy Report in Ireland in 2009 which registered the sexual abuse of children in Dublin by our masters of enslavement, the Catholic Church and its pastors.  I thought if the Church and its priests are wrong everything we have ever known could be tarred by the same idealogical brush.  I started to think, I started to disbelieve, I started to learn, so should you lot.

4 thoughts on “Why Me?

  1. “What is it about me that questions everything I am told? ” It’s probably the same thing that makes me question much of what I am told. (I don’t question absolutely everything, because it would be too much effort and some things just aren’t important enough to justify that effort.)

    Where we seem to differ is what we do next. I usually try to apply logic and, where appropriate, my scientific and other knowledge, to reach a rational conclusion. I can’t figure out what you do, but it seems to be something different.

    1. Linda,
      If you use logic you were poorly taught the subject. The logic I use in determining my thought is the branch of philosophy concerned with analysing the patterns of reasoning by which a conclusion is properly drawn from a set of premises, without reference to meaning or context. If you cannot see the logic defying need for lock-downs and masks when faced with economic damage and mental health destroying results of such then your PhD has been wasted. Dig deep my girl to find the gold but I still love you.

      1. I have studied logic – all the way from Aristotle’s syllogisms to Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem. Trouble is, it’s not especially useful when trying to figure out the best policy for Covid. The choice of the best policy involves value judgments, and that is something else entirely. You can choose to keep everybody 100% safe – in which case you will wreck the economy. You can choose to let the economy run in “business as usual” mode, with no restrictions at all – in which case enormous numbers of people will die. Neither of those two extremes is attractive. So it comes down to a balancing act: finding a policy somewhere between the two. There is no single “right answer” here. Ultimately, the choice you make is equivalent – logically exactly equivalent – to putting a cash value on a human life. No amount of logic will get you to “A human life is worth X euros”. You have to decide in a different way.

        You are the second man today to write “I love you” to me. The other was an eminent botanist in a central European country, who I have been assisting (via email) with some troublesome problems in botanical nomenclature. Must be my lucky day.

        1. Linda,
          A cash value on human life is how the eminent judge put it, only to be shouted down by that idiot and now utterly demoted Piers Morgan who now claims Irish heritage in the midst of his conflagration.
          Botanical nomenclature be buggered, I love you because you are you. By the way at the start of Duggan I think you had arguments opposed to mine but my sweet talking soon convinced you to change tack. Perhaps one day you might do this with Covid and its punctures.
          I will say it again Linda and in the words of the song “I love you most of all because your you.”

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