A Chink Of Light.

Before I start this rant I would like to thank Jordan B Peterson for putting these thoughts into my head.  I was trying to work out why people act in a sheep-like way when it comes to orders from high. He explained that we live in an hierarchical society with the sheep at the bottom and the power at the top in a kind of pyramidical form and that that system is good  as it has allowed us to live in a way that is passable for thousands of years.  This is supervised to a large extent by the various religions in the world that have been brought about by the top layers in the system to calm the bottom layers.These religions all say that living on earth is to suffer a hiatus in being, before reaching the higher levels that the gods had destined us for.  We christians look forward to heaven other religions have their own name for it.

Now that seems to have worked in a way for a long time but historically it has been found that the top layers have been fairly broad in the system and the bottom layers although a lot wider have normally been found to be proportionate.  The bottom could not get too annoyed with the top because  there was too many of them.  Who do you pick on to vent your ire.  However the closure of the top levels to that representing a spike or the top of a pyramid means that there are fewer to blame for the inadequacies of life.  Which means it is easier to pick a fight with a few than it is with many.

What now looks like happening is that the top of the pyramid is coming to a very sharp point with just a few men in an Alpine hut deciding how big, strong or could we say equal the bottom layers should be in relation to their unbelievable powers that are melting the snow off their mountainous slopes.  The various agendas they are pushing out and the various methods of control such as their manufactured pandemics and their quiet mutterings about Great Re-sets have all started to make the sheep grow horns.  The thought coming up the slopes at these men of power is that we are only a few shepherds and these pair of horns are in their billions.  We must backtrack.

So this is where we find ourselves today.  Most people are starting to grow horns or balls as they say.  Most people are deciding this way is not good and just as Communism in its bleakest form and Fascism and its close neighbour Nazism were shown the door by free thinking countries so also should every bodies balls grow bigger and ejaculate this barren nonsense off the mountain slopes into the oceans to be washed away by the tides.

There are small signs this is happening.  People objecting to new found laws, riotous behaviour making its point, politicians stumbling, farting even over replies to pertinent questions asked in parliament.  These water carriers for the Alpine men are finding life a little uneasy.  They have dug their hole and do not know how to get out of it.  They are asking for ladders to be sent down to them which are not in the store.  This chink of light is appealing.

It just needs a last push by strong people in the bottom layers.  Unfortunately Jordon Peterson to the best of my knowledge has never opened up on his thoughts of what is happening in this present crisis.   Perhaps that is unfair, He has been seriously ill and can only work a few hours a day but he has found time to write a book but obviously not enough time to think mundane.  For a man who has raised the ire of most with his fundamental approach to 21st century thought, I find his disappearance from this debate alarming.  Does he think there is nothing wrong with population control and management or does he think the subject too mundane for his esoteric  theories or is he still trying to make his mind up?

What we do need is demagogues, people with enough experience and vocabulary to rise above this hoax that is currently prevailing and say it like it is.  I am too old and content with life with my Selene.  However the only ones raising their heads over the parapet is Piers Corbyn, brother of you know who, a 74 year old weather expert who has been arrested at least 10 times in the last year for his naughty thoughts on Covid, Dr Vernon Coleman, soon to be 75, and a critic of Big Pharma and the way it is trying to sort out this population growth problem by selling so called vaccines to the gullible as though it was snake oil.  We need younger brave models like Professor Dolores Cahill, an expert in immune systems at University College, Dublin who was immediately sacked from her post by unknown powers who knew nothing on the subject as soon as she opened her mouth on Covid, lock downs and  mask wearing.  The writer and broadcaster James Delingpole is another but too much of a gentleman to tread too severely on people’s toes.  He opened his mouth and immediately lost his regular columns on the British Press.

This immediate slapping down on voices that say “Excuse me but I think you are wrong” is one sign of this jarring on the Alpine men’s minds.  Under this regime that we all find we are in, nobody is allowed an alternative view for fear of losing their life’s work, their career, their life!  Cast your mind back as this ever happened before.  Oh yes, in Communist Russia in the 1920s and 30s, Oh yes, in Nazi Germany of the 1930s and 40s.  Oh yes in Communist China in the late 1960s.  Oh yes even now in power crazed Myanmar or as we knew it, Burma, where General Slim was trying to fight his way out of it in the 1940s.  A hotch-potch of religions and nationalities controlled by a military junta who are puppets of China.

So life goes on with the top of the pyramid trying to control its bottom layers whilst its bottom layers griping at its top.  Their needs to be an Apocalypse, an opening of the curtain on these charlatans who tell us of the dangers of this pandemic that does not in fact exist.  Snake oil salesmen is too kind a word to use on this deceitful bunch of so called medics who do not know their arse from their elbow.  Rise up all good men and women, be brave.  There is massive benefit in showing your hand.  Do not let the evil that men do live after them, let us all be honourable men, to paraphrase Mr Shakespeare.

2 thoughts on “A Chink Of Light.

  1. If you think demagogues are a good idea, perhaps it’s time you re-read Thucydides and his account of the Sicilian Expedition.

    1. Linda,
      Although classically trained my thoughts of Thucydides have long since been forgotten due to modern day maladies. Was Alcibiades one of your demagogues if so he was just an old fashioned narcissist. My demagogues are those that know the world and have the spiel to inform you frigging sheep to stop nodding and think.

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