Running Against the Wind.

Yesterday Ma Femme was talking to a friend of hers in England who was jubilant at having her first jab of the Astra Zeneca drug.  A drug I might just remind the reader that is still under trials until 2023, that has not been properly tested and researched and in fact at the moment all the 25 million or so impregnated in Britain are the guinea pigs.  This friend said she had had this jab two weeks ago and she has been feeling unwell since.  But she said she was glad she had had it because it was far better feeling unwell for two weeks than suffering the effects of the virus.  I ask you, do you think this woman has lost her marbles.  She is a 50 year old  lady in good health, the chances of her catching the virus are virtually nil.  So why suffer for two weeks and of course be unaware of the damage the jab is doing to your immune system in the following months, when you are more than likely immune anyway.  My advice to her would be for her to have a word with her local bookmaker, a man with vast knowledge of odds.  He would advise her obviously to steer clear of this danger and live her life as God intended it to be lived.  Escape the fear that governments and hand picked health officials with their hands in several pies are saying.

Yesterday the Chief Medical Officer for England, Professor Chris Whitty, at a Press Briefing from Downing Street along with Boris Johnson, our beleagured, behemoth and bedazzling Prime Minister told the world that Covid 19 was a disease which is hard to diagnose, that it affects very few people and those it does effect are only mildly affected.  The few it does kill would have died anyway of very serious underlying conditions.  He said that in front of the world’s press and none of them asked why.  Why this continuous lock down, why the increase in suicides, why the disregard for sufferers of cancer, cardiac malfunction and other serious maladies, why the massive programme of scaring the wits out of people, why the process of leading the economic health of a country on a path of no return when all it does is hurry the death of seriously ill people by a few weeks.

These tactics are obviously for another very sinister reason.  A new reset of the political thought and philosophy of population growth and control brought about by some elected and a load of un-elected power mongers who meet up annually in some Swiss mountain resort.  One of these un-elected is a chap called Bill Gates and his appendage Melinda who set up a computerised system in California a few years ago and now thinks he controls the minds and bodies of most.   Bill has known Chris for 13 years, when in 2008 he gave Chris £31,000,000 to help fight malaria when he was Professor of Public and International Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and who then went on to write a treatise with Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College fame on disease control.  Are these names now beginning to come out of the woodwork.

To bring about proper control of the population you need to start from a position of power.  Covid and its abilities has been known about for years.  It has been discussed and played with at length and the first way of triggering a pandemic is to have the right minded people at the top.  Chris Whitty and his deputies, Dr Aidan Fowler, Dr Jenny Harries and Professor Jonathon Van-Tam have all been appointed in the last few years.  Whitty was made up in October 2019 in readiness for the crisis.  Whitty is a 54 year old chap, with no wife, children or any form of intimate alliance, perfect for the job in hand ie. to ride rough shod over the feelings and aspirations of millions.

With this task in mind the first job was to persuade the people that this innocent virus was indeed a pandemic and was a job for the international powerbrokers.  An easy task for those Swiss mountain men who owned the world’s media and who were aware of the gullibility of the general population who just followed the minds and thoughts of the person in front of them as they joined the queue for salvation.  Unfortunately it reminds me of the lines of poor soldiers in the Great War with their hand on the shoulder of the man in front of them as they were led blinded from the fields of war after being gassed in the trenches.

Once the minds of the people had been engaged in this hoax all that was necessary was a continuous drip feed of fear which was easy with the help of bought purveyors of untruths; journalism and its virtues had long been diluted to prop up the sales of a failing industry.  With this drip feed came an absolute certainty that in the minds of the washed and unwashed, the end was nigh and the only way out was the needle.  It did not matter where it came from, what it was or even if it did what it said it would do that was libellously printed on the side of the can.  All that mattered was to be first or second in the queue as the poor doctors and nurses or anybody in a white coat impregnated the various bodies in front of them like a fitter in a car factory putting on the wheels of a new motor car.

This act alone suggests that every doctor who takes part in this so called mass immunisation should be struck off the medical registry as it goes against one of the precepts of the Hippocratic Oath that all doctors should live up to, that is to uphold specific ethical standards in medicine.  This drug is on trial and under the Treaty of Rome all the dangers and side affects of the programme should be spelt out to the patient (guinea pig, sheep or ignoramus who presents itself).  This isn’t nor can be done when injecting 800,000 people a day as they were doing last week in England.

Effects of this programme are now being felt by people who could not ever have been affected by the original virus.  I read in some news item yesterday that in Israel which has been the most vigorous of countries when it comes to Covid injection, the normal death rate has gone up 400% in the last two months.  People are hearing nothing, seeing nothing and feeling nothing as they slowly ooze their way to some form of eternity.  Who the hell wants a tampered with, non-immune body to restart their life again in heaven, hell or wherever we decide to venture to.

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