Can You Believe It!

In these bleak, awful days of Covid with people choking to death in their masks and fighting in the queues, lining up at vaccination centres wanting to be the first to get the jab that day, there is news!!!

Today, 12th March 2021, the world is starting to fight back. Governments are starting to realise they have been conned by Big Pharma and its mates. Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Canada, Bulgaria, Australia, Mexico, The Philippines, Thailand, South Korea have all banned the Oxford/Astra Zeneca drug this morning. Whilst Austria and Italy have put a hold on the vaccination programme to investigate more thoroughly after thousands of serious after-effects are crippling their citizens. Even worse many are dying but nobody yet is pointing that finger. It will not be long.

Serous independent immunologists around the world are standing up to be counted and are relating horror stories about what is and can be for those getting the jab. And about time too.

I hope all you that have been jabbed are saying your acts of contrition, your end could be nigh and if not nigh, it will be in a few months time when the next virus season comes round. These outstanding immunologists are forecasting that because of the contents of the drug and the fact that it has not been tested properly on humans there is an ingredient that causes a complete breakdown of the immune system once another virus is contacted. That is what Professor Dolores Cahill has been saying all along. It is a ticking time bomb.

An American lady immunologist on the Richie Allen show was saying on Wednesday night that a bunch of rats were tested with the jab and they all lived. A further virus was injected some time later and they all died.

You silly people who are queueing up, go home and write your wills. Why give money to lawyers in probate who, if they are still living, will dally with your shillings and your loved ones will get nought if they of course are still living.

I have decided that the governments have not been happy with your partying and sheebeens and have decided to go one step further than social distancing and masks. You cannot possibly pass on the dreaded if you are 6 feet under.

This posting today is short and sweet, in harmony with your lives. So best of luck, I knew you, you were a nice person but obviously totally deluded.

God bless you!!!

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