How to Kill People Legally. Euthanasia Incorporated

That snivelling, miserable Corky rat that is our Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Micheal Martin has swung again after realising the only way out of the present situation is to live with the virus, he now says the National Vaccination Programme is the only way out and that the programme needs to be accelerated.

Now alarming stories are coming out of Britain and Europe, where they are one step ahead of us in this glorious green isle.  The more you jab, the more illness you sustain.  People are dying in every country where the vaccines have been licensed for a three year trial.  It is said by the way it is only old folk dying.  Why?  Because it is mainly the old folk who are being given this poison.

Although there are alarming stories  coming out of Trieste in North West Italy where all public servants were given the jab.  The Fire Brigade in the town were given it on Saturday last and none of them turned into work on Monday.  Trieste could have burnt down and nobody would give a shit, busy as they were queing up for the jab..  The finger is pointing at all vaccines, Pfizer’s, Moderna’s and Astra Zeneca’s

The story gets worse as we trawl round the world where besides old folk dying, 29 dying after one series of jabs in Norway, 26 people in a care home in Basingstoke in England but fit and healthy  workers in hospitals everywhere are departing the scene.  There are reports from Germany, America, India and Britain.  Even here in Ireland where Doctor Kershav Sharma, a consultant at a Waterford Hospital took the jab on the 5th January and died on the 10th.  Authorities are playing down the reasons for death saying there is no proof it is the vaccines but with all countries stopping autopsies into sudden death, there is no way of proving anything.  All countries are trying to keep a lid on these statistics and nearly succeeding but they are slowly dripping out.  There are probably thousands of deaths due to vaccine not being reported already.  In Gibralter that had seen little sign of Covid up to 9th January this year when the RAF flew in the Pfizer jab there was 36 deaths in the following week to jab enthusiasts.

Micheal Martin says “the Vaccination Programme will completely change the landscape”.  It will with the increased mounds of earth on top of recently opened graves.  This vaccine the experts say will not stop Covid and will not stop you passing it on to others.  All it will do will be to make the effect easier to bear.  I suppose dying lessens the serious effects because once your dead you can feel nothing.  Personally I think the better and easier remedy would be to take doses of Vitamin C and D and a zinc tablet now and then along with doses of hydrochloriquin or ivermectin.  These medicines have been fully researched for years and enable the body to form its natural immunity.  These modern vaccines have not been fully tested and are all on a three year trial but the public do not seem to have taken in the fact that they are being treated as guinea pigs.

According to Professor Dolores Cahill and Doctor Vernon Coleman the vaccines are a ticking time bomb in the human body.  Whereas now some people are dying immediately the vaccines will lie there inert in many until the body contracts another disease of the immune system and explode causing death shortly after.  Nobody ‘s loved ones can prove murder because autopsy reports are unavailable, they do not happen now and the drug companies have been given immunity to prosecution by the various governments.

And so the band plays on, the lockdown remains under the control of weak politicians, civil and public servants all with ulterior motives in mind.  They all getting well paid for their abounding states of inertia.  But what about the 50% of people in private employment who are being paid scraps to enable them to live, out of government handouts and are slowly being driven to dementia in caring for children who are not at school and cannot play with their friends.  It seems the product of all this is a 400% rise in suicides and massive cases of domestic abuse.  I suppose murdering your spouse would be an easy way out of this conundrum certainly you would make a better less painful job of it.  Far better to kill somebody you love rather than let the uncaring government do it.

I for my part cannot complain, the Queen of England’s long scrawny arm reaches out each week and posts my well deserved pension.  My financial coffers are overflowing because I rarely go out and spend preferring to sit on Ma Femme’s powerful legs and whisper sweet nothings in her ear.  I am rich in all sorts of ways with Covid as long as I do not deter the Queen’s weekly visit to the post office.  I must remember to stop these vile accusations and hope that her darling husband Prince Philip who took the jab lat week and was immediately admitted to hospital for a slight infection recovers.  The slight infection has already cost him 10 days in the room next to the morgue.  Some slight infection Hey.

In Ireland the various cohorts which decide who and when the vaccine is given is changing daily with every expert in the land deciding who gets what and when.  I can see their being an opening for the spivs and black market entrepreneurs to run riot and fuck up Corky’s apple cart properly.  However he, Corky that is , reckons that 44% to 60% of the population will have had their jab by June when he will think of easing the lockdown.

That’s good, because then only every 2nd person you meet on the street can pass on the dreaded.  No, not precisely, because the  the bloody jab does not stop you passing on the virus.  According to his excellency therefore your life will still be in danger probably for the rest of your life.  It’s political Utopia, the average age of death returns to 17th Century statistics.  No sooner have you got your family reared and set up, you meet somebody or something to push you off this mortal edge.  Dead at 60, 50 or even 45.  You have served your purpose.  National Health Service costs down by 70%, state pensions no longer exist.  The countries pot is overflowing, more joy and wealth to the politicians and Big Pharma.

And possibly the worst thing that could have happened is that the NHS in England and the HSE in ireland have slapped a gagging order on all employees of both systems.  Which means everybody from the lowly hospital porter to the best of consultants have been ordered on the face of immediate dismissal from their roles not to speak detrimentally about any aspect of covid.  The lie therefore is propagated./  We will never know the truth unless some brave person speaks out and risk losing their livelihood.  Whether the same applies in other jurisdictions I do not know but because Covid is being managed by an authority higher than government, I guess it is so.

Tell me are we all going to be taken in by these slimy snake oil salesmen in the Dail and Parliament and slowly, quickly for some, being put on the helter-skelter of finality, or should we deny, defer, object to their programme of mass murder and stand up, defy and demand our human rights back and scare the shit out of these slackjawed lunatics.

One last thought, if you have a 99% chance of not letting this virus affect you, why not just go about your business and let cancer or flu or any of the other killers get you in their own good time.  God has made us all mortal let him decide when we should go, not some jab happy nurse or whoever distributes and donates these vaccines.  All this is, is a straw upon the camel’s back.  It will not be the last one.

I would just like to thank the publication THE LIGHT,  A Truth Newspaper for suppling some of the facts in this piece.  It is published monthly for free just email  It is the only publication that gives you the true facts on Covid.









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