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Yesterday, 1st February 2021, I published a post entitled “February 2021’s Thoughts” and as certain events are starting to evolve, I thought it wise to continue along some of yesterday’s themes.

It seems that at Pemberley House Care Home in Basingstoke in Hampshire, 22 of its 65 residents have died suddenly, 33% of its population.  It seems that they were all involved in the vaccine rollout that the government of Britain are pushing on the people.  “Care Homes First” is the mantra.  Avery Healthcare, who are obviously in it for the money or why else would they be in existence (certainly altruism does not enter the fold), say “we are deeply saddened by the loss of a number of our residents”.  Why would they not be they have just lost 33% of their income?  They go on to say “our thoughts are with all the family and friends who have lost loved ones during this difficult time”.  Certainly a caring outfit you would think.  “As a company, we are supporting the vaccine rollout and our focus is supporting the well being of residents and staff as we work through this together”.  Well if that is the case why don’t they stop the vaccination programme?

Hampshire County Council, the rulers of this geographic area, say they do not comment on deaths within private care homes but offered their condolences.  They added that “protection from the vaccine takes time”.  So obviously these deaths have nothing to do with the “vaccine rollout” but are obviously the result of a religious suicide pact amongst residents who I suppose half of them had no idea that the rollout was being carried out on them in a medical experiment.

In the last few weeks, I have listened to experts in the field.  Not scientific dummies put up by governments or political ranters in the press or on television, most of whom know as much about the science as I do but are lining their pockets with whatever the government can give them.  My experts are experienced workers in the field of vaccinal health.  Only last week Dr Dolores Cahill, an international expert in the field, was saying that with this rushed through vaccine, the government are planting a time bomb in the arms of people.  God knows what harm they will be causing, immediately or in the future, to people’s health.

Dr Vernon Coleman, a writer and researcher into Public Health and a one-time medical doctor, who gave up his title as a medical practitioner rather than be cowed into agreeing to the lies the National Health Service wanted to promote, says that this roll out of vaccination is both illegal and immoral.  He says that, according to the Nuremberg rules, issued after the famous trials against the captured Nazi bigwigs in 1946, medical experiments against humanity had to be carefully and rigorously chronicled and applied.  Every person willing to take part in a medical experiment had to have the situation explained to them, the dangers involved and the possible outcomes detailed.  The medical experts appointed by the government, who obviously have their hand in the pie, have granted these vaccination programmes a two year trial period until 2023 to see if they are suitable.  Because these vaccines have had no proper experimental period ie 6 months not the normal 10 years given to most vaccines as an incubation exercise, this rollout is experimental.

It is being shoved into the arms of the old, both unwell and mentally unfit, as an experiment and they are not having the dangers explained to them. And shortly it will be squirted into the arms of the less mentally unfit, like myself.  Last night I received a message from my doctor’s surgery entitled “Covid 19 Vaccine” and saying “We will contact you by phone as soon as vaccination is available to offer it to you.  Please wait for the call.  Vaccines will be offered to over 85s first”.  They are obviously being overwhelmed with the mad people of this parish wanting to die or be seriously maimed.

Because this vaccination is in its trial period it is being treated as a medical experiment and under the Nuremberg rules, the whole nuances and effects have to be explained to the patient/volunteer.  I suspect and believe that these protocols are not being followed. Therefore this rollout is tantamount to every medical practitioner and nurse or invested person who applies this vaccine needing to be treated as a war criminal.

A war crime, since the Nuremberg trials, has been treated as any crime against humanity in war or peace that has been purposely committed as part of a widespread or systemic policy directed against civilians.  They include, amongst other things, dehumanisation, genocide and unethical medical experimentation.  All this was backed up by the Statute of Rome in 2002 which stated that any individual may be guilty, even if he or she perpetrates just one or two of these offences above as part of a widespread and systematic attack against a civilian population.

Modern-day doctors and nurses who have been trained to agree and not to think about their actions need to take a long hard look at themselves but they don’t and unfortunately, they can’t because they will be struck off the register and then what will they do? They will be no good at labouring work. So they comply even if it jars against their own moral code.  No balls most of them.

My day for perforation is yet to come but there is no chance that I will be running cap in hand and saying three Hail Mary’s for the doctor who is trying to save me from a fate equivalent to death.

Before I finish I would just like to make two more points.  Influenza, a disease of the respiratory system,  has been with us for thousands of years.  Hippocrates the father of medicine described it 2400 years before Christ.  It is that common. And in fact, it has its own season named after it – the Flu season – which runs from October to May in the Northern Hemisphere.  It affects up to 5 million people a year and kills about 600,000 of them.  This last year, fortunately, it has disappeared off the medical calendar.  It is killing nobody, it has kindly gone.  God has played his part and he has let Covid do its job.  It is a miracle of God’s or Boris’s making.  Or would you as a reasonable human being say that it is still there but being called another name.  When it was called flu it did not close the world down, it did not interfere with people’s dignity or freedoms, they just carried on.  So what is this present political nonsense all about?  I have my ideas.  Do you?

The other point is a matter of fact.  Covid infects less than 1% of the population and of that 1% only less than 1% are affected.  It is medically no different than the effects of flu.  The vaccine that is being given to every Tom, Dick and Harry states that it is about 70% efficacy and does not stop you from contracting the illness or even stop you from passing it on to others. It just makes it less harmful.  In fact, because of its make up, you are more likely to catch a dose.  Well if is that useless the mathematicians amongst you will surely realise that it is far safer to take your chances and not to have the jab especially when you understand the possible side effects.

So all you sensible fuckers out there please take heed. Unless of course, your circumstances suggest the best way out is suicide.  Stay away from this genocidal method wrongly disguised as medicine.

5 thoughts on “Following On From Yesterday

  1. Left to itself, i.e. with no attempt at social distancing, and with no vaccination, COVID would infect about two thirds of the world’s population, and would kill somewhere between 1% and 2% of those it infects. That’s between 50 million and 100 million dead people. (The “about two-thirds” is representative of what you get with other diseases that are easily transmitted, such as flu. The death rate, judging from the reported COVID statistics, is about 2%, but I used the more conservative “1% to 2%” because there are some asymptomatic cases that are not being recorded as “cases”.)

    You are right that the rush to produce vaccines is not without its risks, but the relevant question is whether the risks arising from vaccination are more than or less than the risk posed by the virus. In fact, it’s no contest. Any sane person will get vaccinated ASAP.

    1. Linda,
      I want to know what has happened to flu. If Hippocrates knew about it in the 3rd Century BC and it has been with us every year since, why has Covid knocked it off its perch.
      Your last paragraph seems to suggest that this vaccine is fool proof. You must be one of the few lucky people in this world who knows that because Covid 19 is a man made virus, designed to cull population growth on the lines of Malthus’s economic theories. This vaccine has been many years in its trials brought about by the thought that man made viruses could get out of control and kill the bloody lot of us. Whichever way your thought processes have taken you, conservatives amongst us, of which there are many, say stay clear and see which one of us reaches the pearly gates first. It will not be me.
      Notwithstanding all of that, I still consider you to be a good friend Linda and may we always differ. We are the spice of life.

      1. Paul,

        There hasn’t been much flu this year simply because people have been social distancing. That makes it hard for the flu virus to get from one person to another.

        If Covid was designed by someone to cull population growth, then that person needs to be fired because he/she is incompetent. It doesn’t kill a very high proportion of those infected.
        Simply releasing smallpox into the wild again would probably kill more people than Covid. Engineering the Ebola virus (mortality rate over 50%) to make it more easily transmissible would kill even more. (The reason Covid is dangerous is that it is very easily transmitted from person to person, and the mortality rate – 1 to 2 percent – though not exceptionally high is high enough to be a problem for the world.)

        As regards the origins of Covid, I’m not sure what happened. Certainly it began as a natural virus of bats, but how it transferred to humans, and whether somebody made changes to it along the way is unclear. There were two labs in Wuhan dong research on bat coronaviruses, which is an obvious red flag because very few other labs in the world study them. (So far as I have been able to find out, it was pure scientific research. Nothing to do with biological warfare, But of course I haven’t seen all the evidence.) I have always thought that the most likely scenario was that someone in one of those labs got careless, didn’t follow safety procedures properly, and as a result one of the lab workers became infected. It spread from there. Over a year ago there was some information online reporting things that workers in those labs were claimed to have said. (It seems to have disappeared now.) That information strongly supports the hypothesis I have just outlined, but I have no way of finding out whether the original post was reliable. There MIGHT have been something murkier going on, but I haven’t been able to find any evidence that there was.

        No vaccine is 100% perfect (though some come close). As I said originally, it’s a question of relative risk, and it seems to me that any danger from any COVID vaccine is almost certainly much less than the danger from the virus itself. However, we are talking about several different vaccines, and they may (and probably do) pose different risks. The one being used in the UK was developed more quickly than the one the EU wants to use. That suggests that more corners may have been cut during its development, which may perhaps make it less safe. But it’s obvious that people injected with it are not dropping like flies, so the short term danger from the vaccine must be very small. I am more concerned about problems that might show up in the longer time. With a normal vaccine development process, taking a decade or so, the vaccine is tested on a few people, and they can be followed up for a few years, to see if there are any long term problems, before letting the vaccine loose on the general public. That hasn’t been possible with the Covid vaccine, and it does worry me. Many years ago they developed a vaccine against the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Good idea, you might think. But it turned out that the antibodies induced by the vaccine didn’t only attack the bugs that were the intended target; they also cross-reacted against some proteins on people’s hearts, causing a serious auto-immune disease. Because of the long testing period, this problem was caught before the vaccine was widely used, and it never went into general release. If we are unlucky, and a Covid vaccine does something like that, we would have a major health disaster on our hands. It’s not impossible, But it’s unlikely.

        1. Linda,
          If social distancing is the answer why did somebody not think it up years ago and stop millions dying of flu. There are enough people dying immediately to certainly make this injection dangerous but as Dolores Cahill says it is in the long term where the effect might lie.

        2. Linda, If social distancing and masks stopped the flu why did itnot stop Covid because that is the purpose of their existence. Come on now Linda, you are clutching at straws. You know the whole Covid nonsense is flawed, a lie, deceit on a grand scale to subject the people to control. Use your PhD for something even if you are semi retired in deepest Greece.

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