February 2021’s Thoughts

It is 6.30 am of a Monday morning at the beginning of February 2021, 18 days from my 75th birthday and I am just wondering whether anything has improved in those 75 years.  I was conceived on or just after VE Day 1945.  I know I was a late baby because they cut my hair the day I was born.  Probably the reason I have a shiny pate today.  Hitler killed himself according to history in that same week which supposedly cleared Europe of evil.  In my infancy, the National Health Service was born and the evil in the East was destroyed by dropping two bombs.  Everything good so far.

In my young years the Korean War stuttered, the threat of nuclear war hovered over us and in my youth, the Americans and Australians tried to defy the little slitty eyed people of Vietnam to no avail.  Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery always judged a man on whether he would go into the jungle with him.  Well, all my lifetime I thought that I certainly would not like to go into the jungle with America.  Time and time again these so-called policemen of the world have fucked up big time.  Their thankfully denied world supremacy has hung over my life to the detriment of millions.

In the late 1960s as I approached and passed puberty the unions decided they were the brainchild of America and set out to destroy the commercial world.  They nearly succeeded until the Brits copped themselves on and decided to go into the brave new world of Thatcherism.  It turned the country into psychopaths and into the 21st century.

From then on the human race started to go daft.  The Millenials were being born, people who thought the world owed them and their ridiculous transexual thoughts a favour.  Old fashioned values sculpted out of a century of cataclysmic thought was dated, useless and downright disgusting.  The new ideas tied the world in knots and everything we thought we knew was bollocks.  I got out and at the early age of 59 departed Brittania’s shores for greener pastures.

Was I right? I thought I was but what did I know.  Ireland renowned for its social backwardness finally arrived in the 21st Century and allowed abortion, same-sex marriage, gay pride and even made one of their own into a prime position.  Nothing really wrong with any of that but I just hate personal sexuality being pushed down my throat at every opportunity.

In all of this, the Soviets, the Americans and finally Britain decided that they knew better than the Afghans on how to live in Afghanistan.  I thought the Brits would know better, they had been trying to pursue this dream for over 150 years and has a result received many a bloody nose.  For example in 1842 when 16500 soldiers, wives, girlfriends and general dogsbodies fled Kabul for India, only one man of note made it. An Irishman of course. The rest perished by bullet or ice. As the local boys in the high passes said, do not come back.  We never learnt.

So the century turned and Blair and Bush thought they knew how to curb the Arab Spring and invaded every Arab country that had a dictator, not realising that Arabs and dictators mean the same thing.  They messed the place up in a big way and we are still reeling from it.  Why cannot elected representatives realise they have been put there to do good not evil?

So here we are after threescore years and 15 still in the same shit.  The only difference now is that we all know we are in the shit. In 1946 we thought we were entering a brave new world.

You might start to ask what shit is this that you talk of.  Well, the shit I am talking of is the rule of semi-illiterates (i.e. the governments of your countries) over your freedoms and powers. And the abilities of 99% of you people to kowtow to these ideas and allow yourselves to skulk around the highways and byways of your countries, masked up like outlaws, supposedly for the better good.

Covid19 is nothing but a form of flu, a virus like all the millions of viruses that parade around the world at any given moment. Covid kills, influenza used to kill but does not now it seems, so the whole country and countries close down.  It was never this way, people lived with viruses but in millennial speak, we have to do things differently.

Nobody extra is dying, the same number of people are dying now as died in every year of the 21st century so why close down. Why wear bloody masks, why can’t we go to church, school, work or our lover’s bed?  Why because these bloody politicians, who are quickly lining their pockets with the crinkly stuff, are telling us not to. And like asinine sheep, a kind of crossbreed of stupidity, you are allowing it to happen.

Learned scientists and doctors, not the bumblers the governments put forward, are telling you mask-wearing is dangerous to health, lockdowns are seriously damaging to mental stability.  Innoculation, in its rushed-through modern form is a killer.  There are many recent examples of people dropping dead shortly after being stabbed by needle and worse than all of this is the massive time bomb you are building up in your bodies.  Mark my words, at the moment the rate of death is no different to previous years but in the next few years expect a massive increase.  At least I suppose Bill Gates and his cronies will be satisfied.  Agendas 21 and 30 and every other form of political euthanasia will be proven.

So 75 years have passed. The vigour and abilities I thought were in the people who sailed through the war to a better world has been evaporated by modern systemic thought.  Once you knew how to wipe your own arses now you do not seem to have that skill.  You are waiting in a stinking mess for somebody to do it for you but can you not realise with social fucking distancing you will remain a stinking mess for the rest of your lives because nobody can reach you from two metres. And by the way, toilet paper is in poor supply.

One last plea to all you sheeple, man or woman, it does not matter.  Wake up tomorrow and grow yourself a set of balls, testicles, bollocks, cojones or goolies. Whatever you’re comfortable with. Perhaps oophorons if you are of that ilk? But bloody grow them quickly because you are slowly being crushed by the jackboot of modernism.

4 thoughts on “February 2021’s Thoughts

    1. Linda,
      Apologies, ridiculous was the wrong word to use, “many” would have been better. I still think however that a person’s sexuality should not be driven down the throats of perfect strangers. These many Pride processions seem to me to do that.

      1. Paul,
        You can always try a carnival procession in Rio instead. You will get plenty of heterosexuality shoved down your throat there. I don’t have to attend that sort of thing, and you don’t have to attend Pride events.
        Try watching a few hours of TV, and count the number of times you see people displaying, one way or another, the fact that they are heterosexual. You will see dozens of instances. Odds are you won’t see a single instance of people displaying the fact that they are gay or lesbian. If you have never actually looked critically, you probably aren’t even aware that heterosexuality is being shoved down everyone’s throats all the time.
        My attitude is basically “live and let live”, and I’m sure yours is the same too. But my life experiences have given me a different perspective than you on some things.

        1. Dear Linda,
          We might be agreeing but why pick on one line of a very important posting to put your long winded view across. I never watch tv and that is why I put it in lower case but I do read Girls are kissing girls whenever they get a chance and men appear to be doing similar.
          I suppose we do come from different perspectives that is why I cherish your narrow themes.

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