Monthly Archives: May 2017

Fresh Lonely Air In England – Part 1

It is now 148 days since Helen died.  I am off to England for a day or two to celebrate the 90th birthday of a very active lady.  The question I have asked myself time and again is why.  67 is young these days, Helen had always been fit and healthy, never saw the doctor, she used to run five… (more…)

Morocco – Renewal Progressing Part two of this posting

I am at the start of my 2nd week of renewal, I find myself stronger but there is a fuzziness at the back of my head and I think that will be there for a long time. We were up early that Saturday morning and we went off to the weekly souk (market).  The French have a word for the… (more…)

Morocco – Renewal Renewed. Part 3 of this posting

The heat, the dust, the goodness of the people, the greenery, the gris, M Ricard, the regimented chaos of Marrakech have all dragged me out of my ennui and tristesse.  I am pretty much a new man. It is Day 11 of my trip and everybody is back at school or work leaving me with a sick child and the… (more…)

Morocco – A Renewal Process Part 1 of this posting

It was late April, a month after my Malta trip, I was approaching the end of the tunnel I had been in since Helen died on Christmas Day.  The weather was warmer, I had met a few people.  The lows of the past few months were slowly being replaced by smiles and bits of jokes.  Daughter 4 had visited twice,… (more…)