Water, Water Everywhere But Not A Drop……..

With the jailing of five water protesters yesterday in the High Court in Dublin by the idiot judge Paul Gilligan for contempt of a court order forbidding anybody to step into a 20 metre no-go zone round meter installers, it emphasised the governments absolute terror at the situation it has got itself into with regard to water.  They do not seem to realise in this computer driven modern world people are claiming back their power and nobody can stop them unless they are treated with respect and equality.  Giving out 19th century punishment to peaceful protesters is no way of approaching these two qualities.  The bloody judge might just as well have put them up against a wall in Kilmainham and in Maxwell fashion, shot them, because these five names will go down in Irish history and put on the same pedestal as Connolly, Pearce and the others of 99 years ago.

A woman, Bernie Hughes of Finglas, Michael Batty of Raheny and Derek Byrne of Donaghmede were given 28 days and Damien O’Neill of Coolock and Paul Moore of Kilbarrack were given 56 days detention for daring to go inside this 20 metre zone.  And indeed it was Derek Byrne who last month called our President, a parasitic little midget at a gathering in Dublin.  A sobriquet far too distinguished for the little fart whose ascension seems to have uplifted all parts of his homunculus frame.

They were cheered in court by their fellow protesters and protest marches started as soon as the five were led away with the promise of further, bigger and more disruptive marches to come.  It was all a brilliant piece of caricature showing the absolute injustice that exists in present day Ireland and dare I say the world, where bankers, politicians and international commercial types are robbing their countries blind and not even getting a rap over the knuckles whilst peaceful protesters are slung in the slammer for demanding their rights.  However the day is coming and it ain’t far off when the people will make sure these parasites won’t have any knuckles to rap.

A week ago Edna Kenny, our Fuhrer, was saying that he could not understand these protesters because by installing meters he was saving the country massive amounts of water and then a couple of days later Irish Water come out and say they are losing through leaks from an antiquated system 49% of all the water it produces and that it will take 20 years and billions of pounds that it does not have to bring the country’s water infrastructure up to international modern day standards  Tell me Edna how spending 3.5 billion euros on water meters is saving the country’s water when the water pipes of this country are acting as a water sprinkler to encourage the verdancy of this country to presumably keep the Tourist Board happy.  Surely 3.5 billion euros would go a long way to curing Irish Water’s wet dreams.

It is obvious that when orders came from Europe to clear up the water problem Ireland has, the Fine Gael/Labour coalition jumped into a hole it had neatly dug for itself and without thinking, pulled a cover over the whole and created Irish Water with all its ensuing problems.  It grieves me to say it but I feel sorry for the situation Irish Water is in and for all the stupid eejits who left their jobs for life in County Councils to install themselves into jobs that will not shortly exist, because just out of nappies Irish Water is a bankrupt company made even more bankrupt by Mr Minister Kelly’s backdown on water charges, which  half the country will not pay anyway.  There really is going to be some wonderfully imaginative accountancy exercises and what also grieves me is that the €1900 I pay a year on road tax which I hoped was alleviating the pot hole problem on our much neglected Connaught boreens  is now to be spent on the provision of fluoride injected water.  It is a problem I am trying to get my head around and work out ways and means of not letting this get me down too much before I die a cancer induced death brought about by government stupidity.  But I should look nice smiling over the rim of my coffin at a room full of teary relations.

Without doubt after years of absolutely poor government from the Fine Gael, Fine Fail and Labour political machines, Irish Water have now a greater task than Hercules when he was set the task of cleaning out the Augean stables.  Augeas was the king of Elis in Greece who had a great herd of oxen housed in stables that had never been cleaned out.  The crafty Hercules just diverted an handy river through the stables which washed all the excreta of years away.  Irish Water are not able to do this because they have diverted all their water into pipes that are sprinkling the country and keeping the grass growing and covering the accumulated mass of rubbish or corruption, be it physical, moral, religious or legal that is weighing this poor country down.

And as an almost final note to Irish Water, although I do sympathise with your plight, you will get no help from me.  My meter is archaic but working, my water is still “piss”, endowed with cryptospiridium and fluoride and I am not paying a penny until you get your product fit for market.  The road tax is a problem I had not contemplated but like Hercules I can be crafty too.  There are more ways of skinning a cat than killing it first.

Definitely my last thoughts are with the soon to be “Famous Five”, Bernie, Michael, Derek, Damien and Paul.  I hope your disgraceful treatment by the tyrant Gilligan does not impair your future prospects and I hope you bear your holiday at Edna’s hotel with dignity.  You lads and lassy are the heroes in this struggle, which we will win over these dimwitted fools who think they are our masters.  Bring on the elections in 2016, we cannot wait.


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