Monthly Archives: January 2015

Friends Of St Bede’s College In Manchester (FOBCIM)

Let me introduce you to a new group, a pressure group if you like, who have resolved not to pressure anybody as long as things are going along the right road.  We are Friends of St Bede’s College in Manchester (FOBCIM) or FOBs for short I set out in 2011 when Daniel Kearney was made headmaster of St Bede’s College… (more…)

To Be Or Not To Be.

Before I begin this little but very important blog posting I would just like to register myself as a definite confirmed heterosexual of unambiguously male gender and so can only look at today’s subject with a sympathetic outsider’s eye. I am writing as I feel after my small amount of research, I might have some terms and facts wrong but… (more…)

Dry January

Well after putting on 3Kgs in December it is time to take stock, I need to lose that three plus more if only to keep my endocrinologist happy.  I sold my soul to the good Doctor Lourens 18 months ago and more than anything in my life I cannot let her down.  So we, that is my pencil slim wife… (more…)

The Last Fuck Up Of 2014

This posting is short and really it is to wish all my readers a HAPPY NEW YEAR and to remind everybody of the last fuck up of 2014.  Yesterday Baroness Butler Sloshed, the erstwhile chair of the Inquiry into Child Abuse, agreed to be interviewed by the BBC and in doing so made the last fuck up of a year… (more…)