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Well It Never Rains But It Pours For Irish Water.

Well it never rains but it pours for Irish Water.  Ireland is blessed with having more water than anywhere else in Europe but by the time Irish Water gets their hands on it they proceed to lose over half of it.  The Independent reports that it loses 680 million litres per day has our good friends Irish Water tries to… (more…)

Irish Water-Something Does Not Add Up-It Smells

In 2012 when Bord Gais were given the task of setting up Irish Water, it was reported in the Independent on 22nd December that they queried the Fine Gael/Labour government’s determination to initially replace all stop taps in the country with smart meters.  Bord Gais felt that the Department of the Environment were putting the cart before the horse in… (more…)

Water Charges Are Fair But!!!!!

With regard to Irish Water and water charges, I want to make it clear that I fully appreciate that it costs money to collect, filter and distribute water to every person in the country and I would be quite happy to pay whatever somebody thinks is a fair charge for this purpose and I do know that the new figures… (more…)

Irish Water, Fine Gael, Labour = Total Inadequacy

Well it was on March 10th this year when I started my protest against the Coalition’s new tax construct, Irish Water.  It was then I parked my trusty old Land Cruiser over my stop cock and told GMC/Sierra, the contractor appointed by Irish Water to go from whence they came.  Well GMC/Sierra, new to the game of protest, new to… (more…)